Monday, September 22, 2008

What A Day!!! Hope Tommorow Is Better!!

Today was an eventful day!! And it's not even 1pm. Found out something very interesting about the jerks I have been dealing with. But I'll let what is going to happen, just happen naturally. I have long said, if you give a jerk enough rope, eventually that jerk will hang himself/herself with it. But enough about that.

I think I have finally decided what event I want to do. I'm almost 95% sure. I know I keep saying that. But I really have one in mind right now. Just have to wait until tommorrow to see if things are going to go the way I hope they do. If so, then I'll be doing everything this week. That's in addition to moving!!

Dancing With The Stars comes on tonight. This seems like a very interesting cast. They have Warren Sapp, Maurice Greene, Kim Kardashian, Susan Lucci, Cloris Leachman, Lance Bass and a few other people I can't remember. My vote is already for Kim Kardashian and Maurice Greene to be the final two!! I don't really know that much about her, besides what I see on her show and what I hear about her. To me...and this is just based on waht I see. She isn't famous for that much, except for the "Ray J" video thing and being Robert Kardashians daughter. So this will prove if she has some real talent or not. I can't wait until it comes on, I'll give my thoughts on the show after it goes off the air.