Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Dream!! Busy Day!!

First I'll get into this dream I had the other day.

Me, A and my dad are walking in one of those Mini Mega Malls that we have a million of here in Chicago. It seemed to be around Christmas, because A kept asking me if I wanted to get some stuff for the kids for Christmas. I said no because the stuff in that place was kind of high. But I kept looking over at this store that had nothing but baby items in it. My dad (I actually didn't see his face, but I kept calling him dad and it sounded like my dad) stopped to take care of some business. So A wanted to sit down because of an injury to his left knee (A does play football), but this injury was new, as in he just had surgery. So one of the other vendors let him sit down in the chair. I'm still pregnant, due to drop any day now and I'm getting tired of standing up. So A offers me a seat on his lap. I sat on his right leg right in the middle of this mall. People thought it was cute, because A was rubbing my belly and we were being all cutesy!! Then I felt the "The South Rising" and I started to tease A about it and messing with him but in a discreet manner right in the middle of this mall.

It ticked my dad off. Funny thing is, I never saw my dad's face in this dream, you know how you have a dream with someone in it, but you never actually see their face? This was how he was in the dream. I'm guessing it was for a reason that I won't state here!! As I'm sure my cousin or let alone my uncle in Nashville will do another google search on my name to see where I am or what I am doing and then go tell him what I said in this blog. Funny thing is, they can't pick up a phone or send an email, but that's how they keep up with what's going on in my doing web searches and finding false info and then going on to report what they "saw". Sad, but that's why I don't really associate with that side of my family!! :-) I don't feel connected to them at all.

Today has been a rather busy day. I walked to Crap-Donald's and got me and J something to eat for lunch. Then I stopped and talked to Lisa for a bit and helped 2 Spanish guys figure out how much they were supposed to give her for their purchase. It was crazy because both me and Lisa were trying to figure out how to say "Ten" in Spanish. Then one of them asked Lisa to go out or something and then she said "Wife" in Spanish and the guy got embarrassed. You know what they say about those Spanish guys!!!

After my walk to Crap-Donald's, I came home and ate and finished cleaning the entire house. I am proud to say that I cleaned this entire place thoroughly in one day!! At least I accomplished 99.99% of it. I just put this on the market, so a few people want to come by and look at it over the next few days. I can't wait to get the hell away from here.

Tonight is going to be nothing but rest and tv. With food thrown in there of course. What I plan on eating, I have no idea!! I hope I have some more of those Chicken Strips left. I haven't had those in a few days. I need to polish off the bag and finish that Macaroni Salad before it goes bad. I'm glad I didn't get the 5 pound container!!