Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy Weekend Ahead!!

Have to do huge loads of laundry (at least 3), go to the doctor, finish up Taylor's shopping list, pack and get everything switched to the new place, make 2 trips to the bank, go shopping for the new place, go shopping for my birthday outfit, confirm the other birthday plans I have and I think that's it, but I never write anything down, so I'm sure that isn't it.

Didn't get to sleep until late last night. Actually I wasn't even that tired. For the first time in a few nights, I stayed up pretty late. I stayed up until the Untouchables came on, I couldn't tell you what the episode was about!! I think that's when I started to drift off to sleep. I got about 5 maybe even 6 hours of sleep overnight, that's better than anything.

I seemed to have messed up my shoulder in some way. Everytime I move it a certain way, it I pulled a muscle or something. And when I apply pressure to it, it hurts. The pain is getting less and less, but it is still noticeable.

Have a somewhat busy day today. Have to do some more schoolwork to pull up my grade a bit. Then I have to start sorting through some stuff so we can get it all packed up and ready to go. Will take pictures of the new place once we get settled in. I don't expect to decorate fully until October 1st, maybe even November 1st. We may even host one of the holiday things...possibly Thanksgiving. But not Christmas. And guess who won't be invited??? Yeap, that "Cancer On the Family". She is not welcomed in my house at all. My uncle is, I'm not upset with him. But that troll has her own family, as messed up as they are, let her spend the holidays with them!! Or at home with her 2 dogs, so she can get them high off of human cold medicine!!

Last night, dealt with a hyper-active 5 year old. I don't know if it was the fruit cup he ate earlier in the day, but it kicked in around bed time and he just followed me everywhere and was doing cartwheels and push ups, name it. He was doing it last night. He wrote my "Other name" because I didn't know what it looked like?? The mind of a 5 year old!! So cute. Then he wrote his name and some other words.

Have to go and do some work now. Have tons to get through before I can even start to do any of the stuff I listed above. TTYL!!