Friday, September 12, 2008

Visit From Down Under!! Random Posting!!

I checked the blog today and saw that I had a visit from "The Land Down Under". I wonder who the hell that could be??? LOL!! As if I didn't know. Seems Ms Piss On My Parade Aussie Bitch is back. Hey Julie!! Long Time No Hear!! Too bad I won't let trash like you get to me anymore!!

Has a very productive day today. Didn't really do much but meet some nice people and got some business done. Aunite Kellie (not really my aunt, but takes the place of the bitch who is no longer my aunt) wants me to do some work for her this weekend, way out in some god forsaken county. So I won't be in Chicago much this weekend. Have to help a nice friend with getting some vacant units sold. Real Estate is not really my thing, but it's a great opportunity to make some nice money.

Little Taylor is cool, she hasn't been doing too much today. Has thrown out a few BH's, but not much else. I think she knows she only has a little over 3 weeks left before she's bombarded by dozens of people. My ticker says something like 6 weeks or so, but I'm being induced early. Thank God for that!! I think she's running out of space in there. In about another hour or so, she'll be moving around and acting all crazy before going to sleep again. She's on such a schedule, I'm hoping that things stay the same after she's born. But I doubt it.

We have to go and pick up a carseat ASAP!! I'm trying to have everything done for her by the end of next week. least by my birthday. After that, I'll be cool. I did all the "Nesting" that I'm going to do for this pregnancy and won't be doing anymore. Hopefully, I can do all that needs to be done shortly. I want to at least rest the last few days.

Next week, I'm shifting the focus from the pageant business and putting it over to the Basketball League and Soccer League. I'm doing some reasearch on things now and should have the entire site done by the end of next week.

This weekend, I won't be around much...besides being out of town, I'll be finishing up the remainder of my school work for this semester. Seeing as how everyone and their momma (including me) thinks that I'm going to pop before the end of the semester. So I have to be prepared just in case. I'm thanking the good lord up above that I'll have access to a laptop while gone.

Also, finally finished the layout of my personal site. Every page is not updated yet, but hopefully I'll have time to do that this weekend. You should know the url by now, so I won't post it here!! I'm sure my stalker who has been lurking in the background has visited it many times already!! Such a shame that someone that claims she's a millionaire has that much time on her hands. But then again, I heard something about those Aussie Chicks. That they are all a bit whacked!!

It's still raining and has been doing so on and off since very early this morning. Someone I spoke to this morning actually thought it was Ike, but it isn't. Ike isn't expected to throw some rain our way until Monday or Tuesday. I hope it's Tuesday. I have many important things to do this coming Monday and rain or not, it's going to get done!!!

That's about it for today. I probably won't post again until late tommorrow night or sometime Sunday. TTYL