Thursday, September 25, 2008

Probably Only Post Of The Day!!

I have too much to do today!! LOL!! Actually only 3 things, but that is still too much for me right now.

I have to run back to the bank, before they snatch up the rest of my money. Charter One is a piece of s**t, no wonder their branches are few and far in between in this big city. I'd rather stick to having all my money on debit cards, at least it'll be safe then!!

Then I have to meet Reesie at the library to go over some paperwork, then come back home and meet Doc for some different paperwork. Then after that I can relax. I won't be done until about 6pm at the earliest.

Oh..and I have to call Dr S today to speak about a possible c-section. If he says "Let's just have you come in every week and hold off until 38 weeks!" then we have some time set to the side. I'm hoping he says that. Now everybody and their mama wants to say "She's coming on your birthday", which is this Saturday. I'm hoping not, but knowing my damn luck, she just might. At least I'll be in a vehicle so I'll be close to several hospitals!! LOL. Lets hope that isn't the case, if she comes this Saturday, she won't be coming straight home and I'm not going for that. When I leave the hospital, she's coming with me!!

After today, I'm all set for the rest of the week. With nothing to do until around October 1st. That's the move in date and grocery shopping date. After that, it's nothing but "Sit And Wait For Baby". I can't beleive it's that damn close.

I have to start getting dressed for the day. I've been up for about 2 1/2 hours and have not showered, dressed or did my hair. I need to get moving.