Friday, September 19, 2008

Evening Post


Today has been a very easy day. Didn't have much to do. Thought I was going to watch the Cubs game, but apparently it came on a different channel that we did not have. So we were not able to watch it. I'm slightly upset and kind of wondering what happened. Hopefully they won, but I've been watching the news and I have not heard the newscasters say anything about the Cubs. So we will see.

I got most of my classwork done for both classes. I'm happy about that. Have some appointments to attend tommorrow. I'm getting stuff done, but at my own slow pace. Heard from a fellow Mocha today and I let her know that while we may not have much, she is welcome to anything she needs/wants. I hate to see a fellow Mocha in a bad situation, so I try to help out when I can. I have another surprise for her, but I want to spring it up on her. Kind of hard to do when I don't have her address and I would have to get it from her. So, maybe I should trick her or something. We'll see.

I've ordered dinner (today is not a cooking day), so I'll come back later to post if I have anything else to post about.