Friday, December 21, 2007

Dear Haters

First off let me thank you for giving me eternal life. Your words, no matter how scornful they are, give me existence. Thank you for making me feel so important. I understand that you have nothing better to do in your life except spread gossip about me. If that is what it takes for you to feel important then please, by all means, continue. I must be doing something right because you are talking about me. Hell, I am not even mad at you; I thank you. Because for each time you speak my name, means that you must really envy me.

Well, let me say just one thing. I do think highly of me. I wouldn't say I am conceited but I would say that I am confident. Maybe you should try to do the same. I know there isn't much about me, however, you make me bigger than I am. I'm just a person who knows how to put together a few words, some syllables, and metaphors. Maybe even some similes with some verbs, nouns, and adjectives. I don't think I am more smarter than the next person however I am more intelligent than you.

You must really want to be like me because you say words that let me believe that you're mocking me. I'll take that as flattery. You have no idea of who I am or what I am. Never sat down and had a conversation with me. So I invite you to come sit down and speak with me. But let me warn you though when you step to me bring your intelligence. For I don't like ignorance. Bring your proof of your premises and facts, that way, I can see where you get your sources from. But if you can't I will understand. But thank you for making me more than what I am.

I am a simple person. I like long walks with long talks in the park. Sometimes I feel it necessary to just be by myself. I love poetry, anything from Shakespeare to Poe, from Homes to Giovanni, from Lorde to Angelou. From Acey to Meru and wordsmiths that can capture your soul. Somewhere in between all of the greats there is me. Trying to make a name for myself in a world that does nothing more except exist, where the jealousy of the next man exists. But please go ahead continue to speak about me because no matter what your words give my name life each time you speak it.

So again I thank you because haters always make it possible for me to get more fans. Go ahead and speak my name to give me more life. Cause in reality that is what you are doing for me. I wish you the best and much success but on that note I got to jet. But remember I am always listening. Lurking in corners and hearing the fables you speak of me.

Peace and God Bless,

Yours truly,