Friday, September 19, 2008

Called It An Early Night Last Night!!

I must have been very pooped last night because I ended up going to sleep around 9:30pm last night. All I know is I was watching the 1st episode of Fraiser and turned over and laid on my left side and that was it. I was out like a light. I don't even know if anyone called last night, as most people seem to want to call once I'm in the bed.

With the amount of things that I have to do within the next week, I'm going to have to spread them out over the next few days. Or, do one thing tommorrow and a few on Sunday and try to finish up on Monday or Wednesday. I figure everything should be all set by Wednesday and we'll be able to head on over to the new spot by Thursday. My mom says move in over next weekend (Ummm...excuse me...that's my birthday weekend!! No work...all play!!). The latest I'll move anything is Friday. But Saturday and Sunday are my days.

Also forgot that I have to get a few Onsie's today. I am in a Onsie exchange with some women and need to get those out as well. Then there are the tons of phone calls I have to make today. That's why whatever I'm doing today will be around the house. I should do the laundry today instead of putting it off until Sunday, but we will see.

Will post more later. I'm tired as heck right now. Have been trying to fully wake up since about 6:29am. Need to get my other Final Project done, so I can be done with school (at least one class) for now. Can't even finish the other one until the 1st day of October, seems the professor has blocked it until then. Does she know I have unpredictable babies? LOL!! This baby is likely to come that first or second week of October. I know that her final is one not to be missed and it needs to be open now so I can get it done.