Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I would have had some more pictures to show but my camera is acting crazy again, Papa told me it was something with the batteries and how it needs a certain type of battery in order to work right. I don't know how correct that is, as I had some regular batteries in it and it worked very good for awhile. I don't have any new pics on it, so I'm not that worried.

Today is Taylor's first holiday. We are waiting on the candy to come to the house. Okay...I'm waiting on the candy, but still. I'll have some for her!! :-) Nothing new to report today. It was a pretty easy overnight. Taylor woke up at her normal time of about 3am and was up until about 5am before falling asleep on me and then going to her spot. She ate and got a diaper change and was out like a light. She's napping now. She got her first bath today and had another diaper change and ate about 5 ounces and has been sleep for about an hour or so. She actually let me take a shower today. Okay, a bird bath!! I couldn't stand getting into that shower with the water as cold as it was. And yes...we are still without hot water. I don't know what is being done about it. But my deadline is tommorrow and then I'm going to have to speak up in my normal way and that will get some action done. LOL!!!

I will post more later when I get back. Have to go and make some lunch. I'm pretty hungry.

Oh...some good news!!! I fit into some pants that I have never been able to button up. The size says 14 and they button up with no problem at all. I actually look pretty nice in some clothes that fit. Maybe if the camera gets better, then I'll take a pic. This is good for me to start my diet, great motivation. I won't dare try a size 12 right now!! I can't start my diet until after the holidays, so I won't be doing anything until then.

Take care and see you later.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Learning New Things Everyday!!

This is Taylor getting ready for a visit from her Auntie and 3 cousins. She was all dressed and showing off the new bib that Auntie brought for her. I have one that says "My Mommie Rocks". But I'll save that one for when we take our pics together.

This is Taylor laying on the sofa pillow that I kept from our old sofa. I use it for those late night feedings and for my back, as my back issues have crept back up on me. I need to go and see a Chiropracter or something, as my entire mid-section...hips and lower back seem to be out of line and need to be cracked.

First I wanted to share some new pics of Taylor and then get into this post, as I don't think I'll be coming back to post until tommorrow. It's hard to believe that she has been here an entire week already. Seems like it was only yesterday that she was born.

Update on Hot Water situation...still have none. I guess every single drop of hot water has turned cold now. I don't know what or when it's going to be fixed. But I left a note on the door of the maintainence man to ask what was being done about it and how soon it was going to be fixed. One day is okay, but two days...I'm going to start going nuts!!

Also, got my birth records from this last birth. I just had some issues that I wanted cleared up. I didn't know why a lot of things happened and just wanted to see what they were not telling me. I still don't have an answer as to why I was not diagnosed with IUGR earlier on in the pregnancy, that is a conversation that I have to have to Dr S, I don't know if he is covering his a** or something, but I need to know something, as this is heavily weighing in on my decision as to rather or not I want to have anymore kids. To be sacked with something that was unexpected while you are pregnant, has you wondering if it will happen again.

Issue #1:

Taylor was born in the posterior position. Normally when a baby is born through the Vah-Jay-Jay, the baby comes out facing the mothers back, which allows for the smallest part of the head to be born first!! Taylor was looking up at the sky, which can explain part of the reason it was so difficult to push her tiny butt out.

Issue #2:

Taylor was also born in her "Caul". I saw this and didn't know what the heck it was. But seeing as how I'm online a lot, I looked it up and found this link from Wikipedia:

I never knew such a thing existed and today is the first I've heard of it. Now I understand why some of the nurses said something about the "Sac Protuding" out of my "Girly Bits". I truly wish we had caught Taylor's birth on video or even still photos. That would have been something.

I wonder what else could have gone on with this pregnancy. It would be the "Girl Pregnancies" where weird things happen. Goes to show you that girls start and cause more trouble in this world before they are even born!! LOL!!! I know that is true because I'm a girl (of course) and I cause all sorts of trouble. That's what girls are for.

But all in all, Taylor is happy and healthy. She's due to wake up within the next 30 minutes or so for her late afternoon "Bonding Session". That's when she is up for at least 2 hours, just looking around and clawing at her face and pooping and all that other good stuff. Take care and I'll try to post again tonight, but not 100% sure that will happen. Today is pretty much a "If I don't get back online by 7pm, it's not gonna happen night!". So if I'm not back on before 7pm, then I'll come back tommorrow.

Just Perfect!!

I often wonder why people who own rental property do stupid things or make stupid decisions. Yesterday, I noticed the hot water wasn't getting as hot as it normally does. I paid no attention to it really, as I was only using it for a hot second. Last night, i handwashed a few of Taylor's things and was doing a million things at the same time so I didn't even think to feel the water temp. But apparently it went completely out. There is one tank for a 3 unit building (really stupid isn't it??).

And I so need to take a hot shower right now, I mean a really hot one. I'm tired of the Breastmilk smell and want to get rid of it. I'm so hoping this does not turn out to be one of those days where everything goes down the drain and is crappy. We shall see. I'll try to post again later.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Bad Night!!

Or should I say morning. Taylor slept really well overnight and then at 4am, which is one of her regular wake up times, things started to go downhill!! Okay, not like you all are thinking, but had you seen her early this morning, you would understand what I'm talking about. Normally, Taylor will wake up at this time and have her diaper changed and then start her 4am feeding by whatever method. This was what happened. Normally, she falls right back to sleep or stays up no longer than 30 minutes and will fall asleep.

So not the case. I don't know if it was the fact that she wanted more to eat (this is eventually what put her to sleep) or she was having some sort of tummy trouble. I nursed her last night as the engorgement has gone down so much that I am able to do so and not be in excruiating pain. So she nursed for about 30 minutes on one side (unable to do other side right now) and I'm thinking she's cool. We didn't have a bottle made up in the room for her, so that thought hadn't crossed my mind at that time. I laid her down on her best sleeping position and patted her back to help her get to sleep. The little princess was not having it at all. She stayed up I don't know how long, but lets just say, she woke up at 4am and didn't really get to sleep until it was almost time for S to get up for school and he gets up at 6am. She fell asleep sometime shortly before that and I mean very shortly. It seemed as if she couldn't keep either her fingers or binkie in her mouth at all. Finally, I figured that she wouldn't get to sleep until right before her next feeding time, so I summoned a bottle and that put her right to sleep. Apparently, 30 minutes of nursing wasn't enough for her. So I don't know if I'm going to switch her feedings around and make the nursing sessions for the day time and bottle feed at night.

Other than that, she had a nice day. I put her in her car seat so I could make the bed and clean up the room and she fell asleep and stayed in it for about two hours. I had to pick her up out of it when the Comcast Technician came (they finally fixed a problem with the extra boxes!! THANK GOD!!!) and she fell right back asleep after eating a few ounces. Then at 4pm, she woke up and we had Mommie/Daughter bonding time. I talked to her and she just looked at me. We took a tour of the house and spent some time in the kitchen. Actually...I was preparing some bottles and ran out of one can of Similac, so I opened the Enfamil and found out that she does not like Enfamil at all!!!! She refused to eat it once I had time to feed her and kept gagging it up and refused to suck. I tested her out and made a bottle with Similac and she drank most of it. So I don't know if it was just new to her or what, but I'm going to see if she'll take Enfamil tommorrow. If not, then I'll stick with Similac. Good thing is, I don't have to purchase anymore until later this week, so if the Enfamil is not going to work, then I can just purchase some Similac and stick with that.

Not much else to report, but Operation Too Much Poop is still going on. I totally forgot that babies poop so much. My mom said "Better Out Than In". I agree. She hasn't given me as many poopie diapers as she used to. But they are still coming. Her 1st Dr visit with Dr S's wife will be next week, we are trying to figure out if it's going to be Friday or Saturday. More than likely Saturday so her Papa can go with. I'm anxious to see how much weight she has put on, as her face is definately starting to fill out.

Oh, I forgot to mention it, but at the hospital, they had a "New Moms Celebration Dinner". We got to choose between a Surf-N-Turf or a Chicken Kiev...since I am absolutely repulsed by Chicken Kiev (long story and I was pregnant at the time)...I chose the Surf-n-Turf. I have to admit, that at first I thought I wasn't going to be impressed with it. So I had Papa bring me some Shrimp Fried Rice just in case. But lets just say, that hospital did an amazing job. And a very nice young man did the set up for me. He even poured the "Sparkling Grape Cider" that was masked in a champagne bottle. The dinner was TO DIE FOR, but the steak could have used some steak sauce. I mean, they had cocktail sauce for the shrimp....but no steak sauce for the steak. I'm going to add pics and hope this post lays itself out right.

I would have been able to get better pics if the table I had would have acted right. I seem to have gotten the room with the defective bed and table!! But I enjoyed my stay.

Well getting ready to call it a night and watch this very odd baseball game. I thought they were going to do a entirely new game, but they picked up from where they left off the other day. If the Phillies win, they are the Champs, if the Devil Rays win....they play another game. Very interesting.

Take care and I'll try to post tommorrow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Things are going well. Just have to get on a schedule that is comfortable to all. Taylor is doing well. She is growing (I guess) and is now eating around 4 ounces or more a feeding. She feeds like every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. And she is so alert when she is awake. She just looks up and looks around and will look you in your eyes. This is the time when parents need to talk with their babies, when their babies are looking them in their eyes. That is such a wonderful bonding experience for me. To have her in my arms and talk to her and have her looking right back at me. A funny thing I've noticed is when I'm sitting on the bed with my back up against the wall, she will look over her head into the closet and see the sashes I have. And she just stares at them. I know which one she is staring at. She is staring at the one with all the bling on them!! I have them hanging up right in my closet and she is able to see them. I'm not going to say if that was done on purpose!!! LOL!!!

Taylor got a visit from her Auntie and her cousins. The boys were all over here. They love their little cousin to death already. Auntie told me she is going to be so spoiled because she is the only girl on that side of the family and that it is nothing but boys. Taylor is going to be spoiled regardless. That's the new little princess of both sides of the family. So being spoiled was automatically going to happen. He and I stated that before she was born, that she was going to be spoiled.

I have to go and call Memphis now and check on Taylor's Great Grandparents. Her great grandpa had to have surgery yesterday and I forgot to call them back after I talked to them the day before he went into surgery.

I also have to go and clean up this house. It's not looking the way I want it too!!! LOL!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Guess Who Is Here???

Yes, Miss Taylor Nicole is finally here. After a very eventful labor (I"ll spare you the details as I know there are some males that read this and if I wrote what happened, then they would never want to become fathers!! LOL!!). But Taylor Nicole was born at 3:25 am on Thursday, October 23rd. She weighed in at 5 pounds and 3 ounces and was 18 inches long. Now, if you knew my weight before I became pregnant (160-165) and my final weight being 195 pounds, I gained around 30-35 pounds...all of that and produced a 5 lb, 3 ounce baby!!

Actually, there is an explanation for that. If you remember my hospital episode from September 27th, that was where things started to go wrong and should have been ended (should have been induced back then that is). From that very point, Taylor stopped growing in-utero. Which explains why she was born and had all the classic looks, signs, etc of a 37 week baby. She basically stopped growing at 37 weeks and was born basically a 37 weeker. Even though my due date was 10/25. I actually think the doctor got things wrong, but we will never really know. Taylor is healthy as can be. She eats like a horse (I wonder who she gets that from) and is starting to sleep a bit better. I just cannot get myself on her sleeping schedule. I know it should be the other way around, but I need to get used to her schedule. Everyone is in love with her. Her dad is just absolutely crazy about her. It is amazing to see this big, tough guy speak "Baby Talk" when talking to his baby.

We are supposed to have some visitors today, so we will see who all comes. Yesterday, it was just family. The day before her Auntie and Daddy came to see her in the hospital. One of her cousins saw her yesterday. Today, I dont know who is coming to see her. My aunt is suposed to be coming by, but I hear 2 of my 2nd cousins are in town, and my other cousin is hanging with them. So they may all come over. We shall see.

Just wanted to share the good news with you. That's a picture of her up above. That's her daddies arm in the pic with her. I have some more, but you know how some folks are with pics, so you'll have to either be a friend of mine on Myspace or know me personally (I'll send them to you via email) in order to see them.

Take care!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Baby Yet!!

Nothing to report on the baby front. She isn't here yet. Should be arriving sometime tommorrow night or early Thursday morning. Don't have much to post as not much is going on. Will post soon. Take Care!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Feeling 95% Better!!

I feel so much better than I did when I last posted. I just turned the heat up a bit last night and got under the cover and I did not go to sleep until I was nodding off and I would wake up every 2 to 3 hours and go to the bathroom and fall right back asleep, which has not happened in awhile. This after taking about 4 naps yesterday. But I had a good nights sleep and woke up at a pretty decent hour this morning.

I for sure thought Taylor was coming last night, as I was not feeling normal at all in a certain area. Taylor has dropped significantly and is sitting so low right now. Even my stomach is shaped differently and people can tell that she isn't sitting as high as she used to be. I bet when Dr S checks me tommorrow, I'll be at least 3 cm dialated.

In less than 48 hours (I correctly calculated the time this go around..yesterday I may have been off) I'll be holding my baby girl.

I am going to get off for now, I have so much to do today and I still have some to do tommorrow and I'm off to the hospital. Will try to post as much as I can before heading to the hospital.

Take Care

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bad Night, Going To Be A Bad Day!!

This cold has really set in and now I feel terrible. I have never had a cold so late in a pregnancy. I actually had to call my doc early this morning and ask him what could bedone, if there was anything that I could buy and could take at home and he gave me a list, but also told me to monitor my Blood Pressure and if it goes higher than what it was when I was last in his office to call him back or go to the hospital if he wasn't at his office.

My list of symptoms has grown. Now I have runny and stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, body aches and a headache every now and then. I also tried to make some sort of small grocery shopping list and it wasn't working. But I did get the important stuff on there. Today is going to be a relaxing day, I'm going to attempt to spend the entire day in the bed, but we shall see if anyone allows that. Normally, I have to close my door and turn off the light to get any sort of peace.

Will try to post more later, but only if I am feeling well enough to do so. Perfect time to catch a cold isn't it??? A few days before I'm set to give birth. Have to go and lay down now. Will talk to you later!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Late Evening...Or Shall I Say Early Morning Post!!

I forgot to come back and do another post. This one will be short as heck. THis cold is really kicking my behind. It came at such an awful time. I've been drinking Tea all day long and now I'm up, going to the bathroom..hyper of all the sugar. But of course...Little Miss Taylor is sound asleep.

Hopefully I can get a few hours of sleep. Don't have anything to do tommorrow. But SUnday, may be going to pick up some Dr Browns bottles and that's it. I just love the Dr Brown's line. It's so hard to put those bottles together...but they are so cute!!

Got some more socks today and some more Binkies. I'm not even sure if she will be a Binkie baby, but it doesn't hurt to have those thigns around. The bed should be here in the next few days. Getting down to the wire. SHe'll be here in about 72 hours...give or take a few hours!! :-)

Tea!! Tea & More Tea!!

Today is going to be a day full of drinking nothing but Tea!! Which ironically happens to be my nickname!!! Whatever I've come down with hit full force today. This is so not what I wanted. I'm set to give birth (finally) on Monday night or early Tuesday morning. It has been set, my doctor confirmed with me late last night that he has booked the Birthing Suite for us and we are all set to go whenever we check into the hospital. So either Monday night or very early Tuesday morning, I'll be a new mama again!! However, the timing of this really stinks as if I'm not over this cold or sinus thing I much as I hate to say it. I will not give my baby girl that first kiss that I've given to all my children. If I'm really sick when I go in, then I even doubt the hospital staff will even let me hold her and that will just get to me so much. So we will see what happens. Everyone in the house has had this cold. Like always, I'm the last to get it..whatever it is. I think cold, as everyone has had it. Why would people get sinus infections at just about the same time?

It's really quick and fast moving though. J was down for about 2 days, this is day #1 of where I'm really feeling like crap. So I'm hoping by late tommorrow night it will be all done with. And can hold my baby girl, I'll hold off on the kissing though for a few more days. Want to make sure I'm completely over this thing. I have to go and stock up on Hand Sanitizer and Hand soap this weekend. Or just buy a really big one when I go out today.

Back to the Tea thing. I've finally found the box of 100 tea bags that have been hidden since we moved in. Turns out they were in the drawer of one of the older kids. I very rarely drink Tea, so he figured he'd hold on to it. But today, I'm going to get myself a nice little Tea mug and get to drinking. I know it won't do anything, but it will make me feel somewhat better. I had no plans today, so it will be nothing but go and pick up a Tea mug, some hand sanitizer and hand soap and whatever I don't have and then I'm back in the house, drinking Tea and resting.

Only a few more days before I am holding my baby girl. Due to things that Papa has to do with his nephews, and the simple fact that I am impatient as heck and want to hurry up and get back home and get into a routine. I have decided to do the Cervadil and Pitocin thing!! Yeah...I'm brave!! I figure she'll be born sometime shortly before or after midnight (I'm hoping before) and if the Blood Pressure issue has gone away, then I'll be home Wednesday. If not, then Thursday. We need to get her out at a decent time so Papa can handle his duties with his nephews!! :-) I'm hoping like heck when I get checked on Monday, I'll be about 3cm and will only have 7 more to go. Give me the Pitocin and Cervadil...I don't care!! Just have that Stadol or Epi right there next to it and ready to go!!

Will try to post more later!! Take care!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back To The Original Purpose Of This Blog!! Morning Post!!

I wanted to get back to the original purpose of this blog. I didn't want to dwell on the events of the past few days, but I will be working on something for Linda and should have it up soon.

Last night was a relatively easy night, actually it was very easy. I just learned to listen to my body and instead of laying on my back and having contractions, as soon as I had one, I just turned over to my side and only had a few more. I didn't sit in positions that I knew would be hard to get out of. Once I came home from running errands and turned off the computer, I just simply got in the bed and got comfortable and that was it. The number of bathroom trips went down significantly, had an easy time getting out of bed and didn't almost fall over once I was out of bed (I am starting to do that a lot lately!!).

We are only down to a little over 4 days left. Seeing as how we probably won't make it to the doctors office until sometime after 3pm, I won't be given medication until about 5 or 6 pm. I'm thinking Taylor is going to come on October 21st and not October 20th. Papa wants to be there every step of the way..from the last visit to the minute she pops out. But he has business to take care of in the burbs. I however, want to get things started a bit early, the sooner I get to the doctors office, the sooner I get shipped to the hospital and the sooner I'll get the medication in me and the sooner Taylor is born. Have a deep conversation to get into really soon. If you know me, you know how impatient I am, that's why I want to be #1 at the docs office that morning, so I can get the show on the road, but I also don't want Papa to miss out on anything.

I will probably take the kids out for lunch or dinner on Saturday. We haven't done that in awhile and seeing as how we will be in the house for awhile after she is born, I want them to have fun and enjoy themselves before she comes. We have to see how this weather is, because J has a really bad cold right now and I want it to be a bit better before taking him out. I know how his sneezes get when he has a bad cold and trust me, it is nothing you want to look at while eating. We just may have a special dinner that Sunday. We'll see how things turn out.

I still have to make a list of last minute things to get before Monday. My mother is a camera freak, so I want to get her a nice camera or a pack of cameras so she can take plenty of pics for the family down south. I just found out she is going down to Memphis right after we come home from the hospital because my grandpa is having surgery on the 27th. So I want to make sure she has plenty of pics to take down there. As I know everyone is going to want their own set!! I think I have a way to get that taken care of. That's what Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy and those other picture places specialize in. You can upload your pics off your digital camera and people in other states can go and select which pics they want and they can purchase the ones they want!!

Well, I must go. Have to go to school!! I love going to school in my pj's!! :-) I was able to start yesterday after getting caught in the rain trying to fax some papers to the school. But at least I'm starting and won't be behind. I'm going to try to knock out at least 2 weeks worth of work before Monday. So I can take the time out to relax and enjoy my family a bit more.

Take Care

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wow what a day since the last post!! So Many Things!!


I had to remove that pic of Taylor's outfit. I just looked at the blog and saw that it was not showing all the way. I don't know why, but I'll fix it and post it here later on today.


For those in the Chicago area. You may have heard about 1 story in the news recently.

The story involves a beautiful woman by the name of Linda Morgan. I met this woman many years ago. My uncle married a woman who I choose for personal reasons not to name, but anywho, this woman has about 5 brothers. I believe it was the oldest one who was/is married to a woman named Linda Morgan. So that's how I came to know her. Me and Linda were pregnant at around the same time. Had the same doctor and delivered at the same hospital within days of each other (me 1st). I haven't seen Linda in many, many years. But my kids told me about a year or so ago, that Linda told us to tell you "Hi". But apparently Linda has been missing since Friday and didn't show up to work on Monday. On Monday afternoon, they found a body of a woman in the same age category as Linda in a garbage can, wrapped in a blanket completely naked. Her hands were tied. Everyone that I know is hoping that it isn't Linda, but the body was found about a block away from Linda's home.

Please put the children (4 of them) of Linda Morgan in your thoughts and prayers. They just lost their grandmother earlier this year and certainly do not need to go through something like this so close to that. So please put these kids in your prayers.

I don't have much to post about right now. I'm just hoping that it isn't her. I'm trying to find a news story online about it, but not having much luck. The Medical Examiner has the body right now and is doing an autopsy on it to see if it is Linda or not. If i can find something onlinea bout it, I will post the link here. But please pray that it isn't Linda.

ETA:Okay, I got some news I was hoping not to hear earlier today. About an hour ago, one of my kids let me know that the body found yesterday was that of Linda Morgan. So I still want you to say a prayer that her kids make it through this. Here is a link to the only news station that has it on their website right now:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Afternoon Post!! Feeling Blah!!! Damn Cable Company!!


I never did make it out. I decided (and still don't know why) to go and attempt to clean the entire house and to look through all of Taylor's things, just to see if she is missing anything and what I have to pick up this week. I cleaned all but one room of the house and started to handwash some clothes, after doing that, I started to look through Taylor's things. I got halfway through them and decided that all she needs are more socks and that's it. I have enough Onesies and Sleepers to outfit a set of quads, every single day for weeks. I also have to pay a visit to my fave discount store and get this cute little warm-up set I saw, that will be my "Coming Home" outfit.

Here is Taylor's "Coming Home" outfit. The picture kind of stinks, but it says "Spoiled Rotten" and was the only 0-3 month outfit we could find in the entire store and comes with a hat, shirt and pants. Her big brother Jordan picked out her first pair of shoes and they are some pink Converse High-Top style shoes. I still remember that day we got all this stuff, we walked into the store and here is this little 5 year old in the store saying "I have to buy something for the baby!" and he goes right over to the baby section and picks out the shoes. I'm not sure if the shoes are showing in the pic, if not, I'll try to come back later and show them.

I seem to really be coming down with something. You know how you have those icky coughs where something comes up behind it? That's me right about now. I also took a short nap and didn't want to get up, but the phone was ringing like crazy (It was mom checking on me). I go to sleep okay, but wake up congested. I actually hate going to the docs office, because everytime we go, someone is sick and coughing, sneezing or blowing their noses. I hate this time of year. Yesterday, I was actually sitting two chairs away from someone who joked about having Menegitis (spelling???), when she said that...I looked at her and did something that most would see as an ignorant move, but I looked at her..shook my head and got up and sat in the back of the docs office!! I'm sorry, I don't know much about Menengitis...but...I do know that now is not the time for me to be catching anything. This cold or whatever that is trying to invade my body is enough, I don't need something more serious. This is why I'm keeping Taylor on "lock down" for awhile. We don't need a sick baby on our hands. So we are going to do all we can. If anyone looks like they are sick or something "Out you go!!".

Also, to close this afternoon post. Our cable company tried and actually attempted to pull a fast one over on us. When I placed the order for cable service for this house. I asked for 3 boxes and the cheapest package they had that offered HBO, we don't really watch any of the other channels, so we just got that one. When they came..I already knew there was going to be a problem....I told the guy "You do have all of our boxes right?". He said he only had paperwork for one box, so he called in and said there was only one box on the order. Fine...then we later realize we don't have all of our channels including HBO. So I am online today and speaking with a rep and told her the issues. She tried to pull another fast one over on us and said that the package we wanted was $89.99...but what she failed to realize was that I was on the Comcast site and that the package she was trying to sell us..actually cost $30 bucks less than the price she was telling us. If we had gone ahead and accepted the $89.99 price...we would have been locked into it and would have been paying that. I'm sorry, but for that price...we would want every channel available.

Also, she quoted the price of our current package. I was looking at the website and they have the same package on the package listing and it goes for 2 different prices, they were charging us the higher price. So I called her on that and asked why the same package was listed twice on the same page and why we were being charged the higher price. I bet she was like "Who is this chick?". I'm sorry, but Comcast will screw you over so quick and will continue to do it unless you call them on it. I have no doubt that something else will go wrong, that's why we only have Cable with them and that's only until mid January. After that, we are going back to the dish!!

Time for me to go, have to check and see if any of the girls have had their babies yet. Still have not heard anything from Elena, but I don't expect her to post for another few days or so. I know the boys have been born by now. I'm just so anxious to see them. Still haven't heard from our VA Mocha, I have her cell number and am tempted to give her a call. Will try to post later.

Still Down A Bit, But Feeling Better!!

I woke up today feeling in a bit better mood. I guess when you are pregnant for what seems like forever, when you get all set on a day to deliver and then get told "Not Today, But Next Week"...then you start to get in a mood. Everyone was all set for Taylor to be born and now we have to wait 6 more days. I hope these days fly by like they have been. We are so anxious to see little Taylor's face and to hold her and to spoil her.

But last night was kind of rough. I had about 2 moments where I broke down and said "Enough is Enough". I simply did not want to be pregnant anymore and actually called my mom to see if she knew of any methods that would bring on labor. She wants me to call my aunt who lives aobut 3 blocks from us and have her take me walking around the local park a few times. She was joking, as she said I needed to just wait it out like the doctor said and that I should enjoy the peace we have now. Because pretty soon, I'll be waking up every 2 hours to feed or change a diaper. I agreed. I also feel somewhat guilty. As I've read and followed many stories of babies who were born weeks, if not months ago and who are still hospitalized till this day and I'm blessed to still be pregnant after teh birthday scare. I mean, I could have been right up there with them, but I'm one of the lucky ones. I feel guilty and selfish at times for thinking of myself and not of Taylor. But if the doctor says she has to bake a few more days to ensure a healthy birth, then I'm going to follow that.

I also think I'm coming down with a cold or something. Or some sort of sinus infection, so if I can get rid of this before giving birth, then I'll be happy. I don't want to be sick and not be able to hold and nurse my baby because of it. I'd really be miserable then. Maybe it's just the weather changing, I don't know.

Just also wanted to send a "Good Luck" to a very strong woman I have come to know over the past few months. She is a fellow Mocha Mama and will be delivering (or has she already delivered???) her twins today at 7am Houston time. I don't know what time zone Houston is in, so I don't know if it's already been done. But her twin boys should be here or arriving any minute now. So very happy for her. There is also talk about another missing Mocha who could have popped over the weekend. Babies are going to start flying out now.

Have to go, have a busy day in front of me. Have to go and vote (not to thrilled about that, as I still don't know who I'm voting for) and then fax some paperwork over to my dumb school so that I can start classes tommorrow. Okay, that's not that busy of a day, but still, it is busy compared to what I have done in the past few days. I have had days where I just say around all day. Now I actually have to get out and about.

Will post more later.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Not A Good Day!!! Very Upset and In A Bad Mood!!

Since Thursday, we have been sitting up here thinking that we were going to be induced today and that probably tonight or sometime very early in the morning, we would be parents to a very beautiful baby girl. But, DR S has pulled one over on us yet again.

Arrived at Docs office about 10:15am (no matter what time we leave out, we still get there early). But another lady who was there was so nice and let me sign in first once they opened the doors. Got all signed in, they got my chart (Thank God they didn't lose it again) and told me I could sit back down since I was just there last Thursday. Around 10 minutes before 11am, they called me into the room to take my stats. My weight is 193 now (down 2 pounds from what it was)..thought it was 195...but not...there are too many dang numbers to keep up with. They took my blood pressure again and what was it??? 148 over 100 something...I forget that lower number. The girl said it was high and I asked if it was higher than the last time and it was. So despite the drastic change in my eating habits, my bp is not getting any better. I don't know what the issue is, as I'm not stressed, I dont' eat foods that are bad for me...I just don't know what is causing my bp to rise at this point in the pregnancy.

So after all that is done, we go into the exam room and I call my mom and tell her what my BP was. She was asking me some questions and i was answering them and just talking. I played this game on my cell phone for awhile before getting sleepy. Then DR S wife (our pedi) came in looked at my chart and asked how I was doing and saw that since I was 38 weeks, she would let her hubby see me (no crap!!). Then she said she would call him to see where he was and then came back a minute or two later and said that he was in the office and would be right in. He came in and greeted me by my first name. So then he asks me to lay down and then drops the bomb and says that he wants me to come back on Monday (the 20th) to have the little "Manual Procedure" that he does with his fingers, much like an internal exam only worse and that's after checking my cervix to see how far I am dialated (if anything). Then we'll be sent straight to the hospital. So no baby to report, nothing will happen until Monday, October 20th. I'm not happy about it at all.

He still says that Taylor's growth has slowed down and he couldn't explain why. I'm guessing he wants Taylor to grow some more. I don't know. But I'm not in that great of a mood so I'm going to call it an early night. Will post again shortly.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last Day Of Freedom...Somewhat!! :-)

Today is my last full day of being able to do what I want when I want. What I mean by that is, having kids who are 5-15 years old, you don't really have to prepare as much to go somewhere. You can get up and go, no diaper bags to pack, no making sure it is warm enough or the weather is going to cooperate with you when you go outside. I don't have to worry about that now. But after Wednesday or Thursday, I have to check the weather reports very carefully and make sure that if I have to go somewhere, it will be okay weatherwise.

I mean, don't get me wrong. Once we come home, we are in the house for the first 2 weeks. Not going anywhere, anyone who visits will have to take an immediate trip to the restroom and wash their hands AND use hand sanitizer before coming anywhere near the baby. Anyone showing the tiniest sign of a cold will not be allowed around her. No kisses or nothing like that. The 1st time we go out will be to the doctor and then right back home and the next time we go out will be about a month after that, maybe sooner, but only to a family members house, if even that.

Today is going to be a day of cleaning the house and getting my hair done and making sure the kids are packed and ready to go to grandmas house. As when I leave out the doctors house, I will be going straight to the hospital and will not be coming home until we are discharged. I'm still praying for a hospital stay of 2 days max. I can do 3 days, but if it goes into 4, then I may have to consider signing out AMA!! LOL Just joking. I just have so many things to do this week and staying in the hospital past Thursday is not going to be a fun thing to do.

Taylor has been behaving since my last post, she's been moving, but has obviously dropped very low. Last night was very difficult to walk or even turn over in bed, have you ever taken 3 minutes to switch from laying on your back to on your side? Or have you witnessed it? If not, that was me last night. It was not fun at all.

I am also starting to get nervous, as I do not handle physical pain all that well. Emotional pain...I can get through...but physical pain is where the strong, stubborn, and sometimes bitchy me can turn into a wuss!!! I'm sure I can get through it, until those last 15 minutes. Then I'm going to be asking for an epidural or something, but of course it wil be too late then. I'll already be 9 1/2 cm's...will start pushing against docs advice not to push ( can push at 9 1/2 cm and not necessarily tear your cervix!! But sometimes you can tear it). I'm just nervous about the pushing process, I'm a quick one. I am not one of those that take 30 minutes to push. When I push, be ready to catch!! But I'm sure Dr S knows that by now. This is my 3rd pregnancy with him and will be the 2nd delivery. So he knows how quick I am. I just hope he makes it on time or is on call. Or..maybe Dr McGuire will be on call. I'd love to have that, she looks like she passes out Epidurals for Halloween!!! So I'll be hoping for that as well.

I'm still trying to decide if I'm going the Cervadil only route, that takes about 12 hours on me and I'm all set to go. Not that much pain and so easy. But the Cervadil and Pitocin route can get pretty hectic and that's where the pain meds are going to play a factor. It's quicker...only about 8 hours for me to go from 2cm-9 1/2cm. And the quicker I deliver, the quicker I get out of that place. So maybe I will go the Cervadil/Pitocin route, just to get out the hospital quicker. I feel so very sorry for whoever is in the room with me!! LOL

Have to run, have to get ready as my mother is on her way to do my hair and have breakfast with us. Then I have a full day of cleaning before relaxing. Take care and I'll try to post either tonight or in themorning before I go to the doctor. That will be my last post until Wednesday at the earliest.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I went to the doctor on Thursday and because Blood Pressure is way over what it is supposed to be, and I'm 38 weeks (just made 38 weeks today) and because Taylor is now measuring small, I will be admitted to the hospital on Monday and will start to be induced sometime that night and will probably give birth to Taylor on either Monday the 13th or Tuesday the 14th. I'm hoping for MOnday, as that means I'll go home a day sooner. I'm also looking at a 3 to 4 day hospital stay, versus the regular 48 hours. I hope that isn't the case and that the new medication that I'm on will do it's job and bring my blood pressure down.

I've been wondering why my legs, feet and ankles have started to swell, I've been having headaches and dizziness all of a sudden. Turns out it's the blood pressure. My weight is also up 3 pounds from the last doc visit. So I'm now at 194 (which I am not so happy about). But as of Monday or Tuesday, it will be all over with.

Doctor has also ordered me to rest more, no salt in my diet (which is hard as heck, because everything has salt in it) and to take this new medication twice a day. I will try to post tommorrow, if next post will not be until I get out of the hospital. I'll have my digital camera with me, so I'll have plenty of cute photos to take.

Talk To You Later

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finally Back

Finally got all moved in on Saturday. Things are so much quieter and much more peaceful here. There was a bit of drama with the move-out, but what can you expect from people like that.

Baby Taylor is okay. She's still sitting in my belly all calm and getting ready to be born. Only have to bake her a few more days. Doc now wants me to go 38 weeks and then possibly 39 weeks. I knew he was going to do this, but come next week....Taylor is going to be born.

Will post more later.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Busy Day, No Posts Until Tuesday or Wednesday

Today is a busy day, we are moving to thenew place in a few hours. Those helping us move are going to be here at about 9:30 or 10am. So after this post, I will not be able to post until Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Taylor is doing good, on a different schedule that seems to be an hour later than her previous schedule. We made it to 37 weeks today, and for that I am thankful. Now I know that when I see the doctor on Tuesday, he's going to try to squeeze one more week out of me, that's all he's going to get. 38 weeks is a safe point and I've delivered a baby at 38 weeks and he's 5 years old.

Pap Joe's big game is tonight, if they win, they go to the league Championship next week. I'm trying to hold off on delivering until they win the Championship. Yes, I said win!! :-) I wished him Good Luck this morning, so I'll come back on Tuesday or Wednesday and let you all know if they won or not.

Well, I really have to go now. Help should be here in the next 30 minutes or so, just got a call from them and they are on their way.

Until then!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

So far so good!!

This is my latest belly pic. Sorry for the mess in the back, still trying to clean and pack!!!

Have had a relatively easy day today. Didn't really do too much except for clean up and make a sad attempt at packing. I couldn't wait until 2pm, so we could go over to the new place and check it out. It's all done. I had a hard time opening the doors though, 3 keys (obviously the small one was for the mailbox). But I finally got in and liked the work that had been done. The living room is smaller than I thought, but the dining room is huge. I just love my new kitchen, I'm going to be cooking and cooking. The boys are going to get the larger bedroom and we'll stick to the smaller one.

Even the bathroom is to die for. Here is a picture of the kitchen

That is my son looking towards the sink, he has already claimed the entire place as "His House".

Terbutaline or no??

I am not sure, but I think I am still feeling the affects from this stuff. Prior to this past Saturdays episode, I had never had shortness of breath or chest heaviness. Now, I have it all the time. Last night was a bad night. When I finally got settled down after some neighbor issues, I would get in the bed and try to turn to one position and just be so out of breath and have to sit still and try to catch my breath as easy as I could. I had several episodes of this all through out the night, to the point where I was wheezing.

I had never personally experienced Terbutaline, so I did not know what to expect. I have seen numerous baby shows where this stuff was mentioned, so I knew what it was for and was glad to take it if it meant stopping the contractions. Sometimes I feel myself wheezing throughout the day and having chest tightness to the point where I want to go back to the hospital. I do not know how much longer these side affects are supposed to last, but I will be so glad when it is over.

Also, the medication they have me on is seriously affecting my taste buds. That is one of the side affects of that medication. I am a big fan of soda, but have slowed down on drinking it since becoming pregnant. Before getting this other medication, I could drink a soda and enjoy the taste of it. I mean, I could really taste it, regardless of what kind it was...Sprite, Pepsi, Red name it. But now, I have tasted 3 different sodas and they all taste the same, like crap!! Nothing really tastes the same anymore, I am wondering how long this side affect is going to last. I hope not long, because after I have Taylor, I plan on doing some heavy eating that I could not do before due to acid reflux. Speaking of Acid Reflux, she showed her ugly head again last night. I guess I should not have had that second helping of Spaghetti, but I was still a bit hungry and I only got a cup of Spaghetti. But I guess the issues of last night churned it up or something, as I could not sleep because of that as well.

Thankfully I hit the 37 week tommorrow and visit the doctor on Tuesday. I am hoping this is it, but knowing the doctor, he'll want to try to squeeze one more week out of me. That's all I'm gonna give him....then Taylor has to be evicted!! :-) If on Tuesday, he doesn't send me to the hospital at some point during the week, then come Saturday, I have an entire list of things I'm going to do. That includes DTD, walking, pineapples, you name it!! But I'm sure he'll come through somehow.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Had To Consolidate Blogs!!

I realized I had 3 blogs hosted with the same email address, when I would go in to post on one, the order would be messed up and I'd post to the wrong one. So I'm going to make this one strictly about Taylor. I'll have to find a rarely used email address to host my personal one and my work one.

Woke up too early today, this is even after going to sleep around 10pm, my energy is just sapped right now. I can wake up at 6 or 6:30 in the morning, take a nap somewhere in the day and still pass out at 10pm. I know that this means that I'm at the end of my pregnancy. My mother says my body is gearing up for labor, I hope so, as while I love being pregnant and want to bake my little princess for a few more days. I am absolutely so sick of being sick, tired and I'm sure those around me cannot wait for me to get back to my normal self. I am so quick to go off these days, I blame it on the pregnancy hormones. Only a few more days left.

Taylor was quite busy this morning, she let me know that she was hungry, so I fed her a donut and some orange juice. Not the best breakfast in the world, but she's happy as she's stopped moving. I've noticed a pattern with her, she won't really move until it's time for me to eat or once I start eating she will start to move a bit afterwards and then be out like a light. She isn't on the schedule she used to be on anymore, seems like things have moved back an hour or so. I'm stil trying to figure out her new schedule. I know this schedule isn't going to stick because as soon as she is born, the hospital follows a 9-1-5-9 feeding schedule. We shall see.

Will post more later, have to go and take this final exam.