Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today's Doc Visit!!


I went to the doctor today. I'm figuring Saturday was a good day to go because he normally does not go to the hospital unless a patient of his is in labor. I should have known as I was about to cross over I-90/94 near the hospital and saw him in his van going towards the hospital at 9:30 in the morning that he was not going to make it in at his normal time. But wishful thinking on my part, was also hoping that whoever was in labor would deliver fast and he could get on his way to the office. I got there super early after rushing to get ready about 15 minutes before leaving out the door.

I stood outside for about 10 minutes and got in. A nice young lady (I say that as if I'm old as heck) let me sign up first. I got signed up and got my stats taken. B/P was 121/68...temp was a little elevated, but that was to be expected as this weather has been acting crazy and I'm getting over something...and what was the weight??? 190 pounds!! I went up some since the last visit a few days ago. I was shocked as heck. I didn't expect that in over a months time, I would put on about 8 pounds, but I did.

I sat back out in the waiting room...the new girl put me out there instead of in the exam room. About 30 minutes later, I get called into the exam room to wait for the doc. And I waited, and I waited...and I waited. Finally his wife comes in (she's a doc as well) and asks me what I'm there for. stomach is the size of two basketballs put together and I'm sitting in the room with the U/S machine...what do you think I'm there for? So I tell her and she asks me how far along I am and I tell her. She decides to let her husband (my regular doc) see me. Just great!! So I waited and waited and waited!! I made and received several phone calls. Including one from my 12 year old that Lindbloom was on fire (Lindbloom is a school in my area)..turns out it wasn't, but a house very close to it was!! So I wait and wait and wait...the dd of the patient after me started singing some songs from Sesame Street and that put me in a foul mood!! I wanted to tell her to shut the hell up. But she just kept going and going. I thought I heard the doc a few times, but I didn't.

Finally, a little after 12:30pm, he waltzes in and comes straight to the room I'm in. Then he asks me if I had gone to another hospital to take care of a minor medical issue I have. I told him I never got the referral and he seems shocked about this. So he does the U/S. I saw little Miss Taylor's heart beating very well. And I saw her Chrome Dome!! She is growing very well and is a very big baby. He tells me that she is doing well. Then starts to get on my case a bit, telling me how I should have made an effort to receive the referral. Well excuse me Doc...but you were the one that was supposed to give it to me. I had no idea it had been sitting in my file for almost a month. He tells me I'm playing with fire. Well, his uneducated staff knew when it came in. His uneducated and ghetto ass staff knows my home and cell phone, so they should have called me and let me know it came in.

Moving forward, I got the referral and have to place a call on Monday to make an appointment for a biopsy thingy or whatever it's called. I get home and all is well at home, except the kids failed to tell me of the little incident that happened while gone. Seems as if the two older boys were playing around and the 12 year old got hurt a bit. How did I find out? The little 5 year old goes into the room of the oldest one and I hear him say "Yall forgot to tell mama what happened today!". So I'm sitting there waiting for someone to open their mouth and they didn't, so I go "What happened?" and I found out. If it wasn't for Little Mister Snitch A Lot, I would have never known. I knew I forgot to tell them "No Playing Around" before I left!! :-)

I'm gone for now, I'm tired as heck and need to take a little nap before I start on dinner.

Before I forget, finally had some of that cake last night and it was good!! Wish I had ice cream to go with it. Have to eat another slice after dinner today!!