Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy Day Today, Will Probably Only Post Once!!

Watched Dancing With The Stars last night, must say I am quite impressed with everyone. Looks like everyone can dance this season. Everyone did quite well. I'll give my review on each dancer:

Lance Bass: He danced with Lacey from So You Think You can Dance? Liked the dance. It had that Lacey flair that those of us who watched SYTYCD are used to.

Toni Braxton: Glad she is doing this despite her health issue. And does she really have two kids? Look at those ABS??? I want her trainer. She did good, messed up a few times. Loved the outfit.

Brooke Burke: 4 kids my a**!! Can't remember her dance song, think she did good.

Rocco Dispirito: The only thing I can remember is thinking of his Mom's famous meatballs!!

Maurice Greene: Wil probably be the 1st to go, dance was not as strong as everyone else. And he doesn't have that fan base he used to have. So he may be on his way out. And is it me or is he getting "OLD"??? Maybe it's that stuff he was pumping

Kim Kardashian:This was the performance I was looking forward to the most. i wanted to see if this girl really had something to offer the world besides "Homemade Movies" and whining!! That girl can dance. Needs more stage presence, but she did very good.

Cloris Leachman:I'll be honest, I know who she is, but can't say that I've sat and watched anything she's done. When Tom mentioned the show producers doing shots getting ready for Cloris, i was like "Why?". Then she danced and started to talk after getting her scores and I could see why. This lady is 82 years old and has the mouth of a 20 something year old woman from the South Side of Chicago!! They bleeped her a few times. She was a riot.

Cody Lindley: Don't know him. Don't watch Hannah Montanna. Can't remember his performance.

Susan Lucci:I watch this woman everyday (well Monday-Friday). La-Kane can move (if you don't know who La-Kane is, then you don't know Susan Lucci).

Misty May-Treanor: Timid, will be in the bottom with Mo Greene!!

Jeff Ross: Goof ball, loved the joke he made about Kim Kardashians butt.

Tedd McGinley:Can't remember his dance

Warren Sapp:Can we say Champion? This guy can move for a really big guy. Technique wasn't perfect, but he put on a show. If he keeps on like this, he'll be in the Final Two.

Okay, enough about that. I got what I was expecting early this morning. So I have to be out of this house and running errangs before 9am!! Small break in between...then off to Mt Sinai. I'm keeping positive thoughts about this. After all, my birthday is in a few days, appears I'll be going out with a good guy...have a pocket full of money...baby is healthy and on her way....kids are healthy...we are finally getting the hell out of here. So all is good, can't complain!!

Have to go now, talk to you later!!