Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Post, Probably The Only One!!

I have a ton of things to do today, normally, i would have been out and done by now, but I haven't even left the house. Today is full of luandry, schoolwork and packing. I have too much to do this week and I was going to wait until the morning to do laundry, but why put it off, then I would have been fussing!! LOL!! So I'll get that done today and whatever else I can squeeze in for the day. So that the rest of this week can be smooth sailing (Hopefully!!).

Finally made my decision to compete. I won't list which one it is until it is official. But I will keep you posted!! Hint...hint...The Pageant takes place in the United States!!! LOL!!! That should narrow it down to about 50,000!! LOL!!

Will try to post more later, but I'm already running late. So talk to you later???