Monday, September 15, 2008

Feeling Somewhat Better!!

My severe acid reflux has gone away. Needed something with some acid in it, and got it around 4pm and my reflux is gone.

Got 2 more calls from those "organizations" raising funds for Police, Children With Aids, People With Cancer, Etc. I don't have anything against sending donations to these organizations. However, it is my money and my right to demand certain information from these "organizations".

This one was for the Illinois State Police. Hmmmm??? Don't I know one? Sure as heck do. But I've digressed....anywho...he goes into his whole script and asks for my donation. I told him I don't mind sending money, but I wanted to see information about his organization first. WHich is what some consumer fraud guy said you should do when any organization calls your house!! If they want you to donate money, then they will send out what you request and we are not talking about these fake ass decals, but real paperwork. Ask to see their non-profit reports and see how quick they go "Everything is on file with the AG!". Sure, but I want you to send it to me. If you want my money, then you'll send what I ask and if you have a problem sending it to me, that shows me your credibility as a legit organization.

As I type this, I have another window open talking about this Fraudulent Police and Fire Fundraising organizations. And they have something on this page that I hear everytime one of the "Police" fundraisers call me and that is One major tip-off to a rip-off is a suggestion that you'll receive special treatment for donating - for example, that you won't be stopped for speeding if you display a police organization's decal on your car window.

Now, I have heard this about 5 times in the last week. They seem to think I'm so busy during the day, that I will forget who is calling and just donate money to them. No, because I've been screwed by one of these fake ass police organizations.

This same website offers these tips:

Take the following precautions to help ensure that your donation dollars benefit the organizations and people you want to help.

Request written information. Ask for the name of the organization, its mission, plans for achieving its objectives, and how much of every dollar collected is used for charitable purposes.

Call the beneficiary organization. Find out whether they're aware of the solicitation and have authorized the use of their name. If the answer is no, you may be dealing with a scam artist.

Find out how your donation will be distributed. How much will go to the program you want to support, and how much will cover the charity's administrative fund-raising costs?

Refuse high pressure appeals. Legitimate fund-raisers don't push you to give on the spot. They take the time to explain the purpose of their solicitation and the goals of the beneficiaries.

Research claims of local support. If a charity tells you that your donation will support a local organization, call the organization to verify the claim.

Consider the costs. When you buy merchandise or tickets for special events, or when you receive "free" goods in exchange for a donation, remember that these items have costs and that a portion of your contribution is being used to pay for them. That leaves less for the beneficiary.

Avoid cash gifts because they can be lost or stolen. For security and record-keeping purposes, it's best to pay by check. Make it payable to the beneficiary, not the solicitor. Avoid solicitors who want to send a courier or use an overnight delivery service to pick up your donation.

All of this can be found by going to:

This same organization that just called me a few minutes ago, seemed to forget that they mailed this "packet" of info to my business address. I got it after telling them what I requested and do you think I got what I asked for? Nope.

Calling the number that called the house, I don't speak to a human. But get a recording? They say they have a website. I asked for the url, I told them I was already on the internet and could look it up. What did they tell me? The web address will be in the paperwork. I highly doubt it.

Be on the lookout for these organizations. They take the publics concern and care for the police and firemen and prey on this. I for one, certainly do not want to donate any money to any police organization at this time. By the time I am done with the Chicago Police Department. They are going to need a special fund just to handle what is about to hit them!!