Sunday, September 14, 2008

Semi-Productive Weekend!!

I had a semi-productive weekend. I won't go into detail seeing as how I'll be in the bed in about 17 minutes looking at television, so I'll get into my weekend in the morning.

Lets just say, some people came really close to getting the "You know what knocked out of them". But in due time, they will know how I feel. Word from friggin word. I have 3 individuals that I have something to say to and they will soon hear some not so nice words from me. I'm going to "read" them from head to toe and dare them to lay a finger on me. Some things need to be said and the time to say them is coming.

It hasn't rained here in some time, so hopefully the rain is over for at least a few days. I have some work I need to get done over the next few days and rain will do nothing but delay what I have to do and I don't need that. I need to go out and get Taylor's car seat this week. So that I can have it off to the side. Also have to get the grooming products, diapers and some more formula and then she'll be all set.

Just waiting on a bit of good news tommorrow. Hopefully things will go my way. I need a change of enviroment. Some people are getting on my bad side and that's not a good thing. One thing they have not seen is me go off, normally I smile when one of these assholes irritate me. But things are getting out of hand and they know I can't physically do anything. But I do have some words to set their behinds straight. Then I'm going to make a few phone calls and watch things all around them fall down, one by one...piece by piece.