Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Sleep With A Frog!! :-)

For the past month or so, my 5 year old has put a little pillow at the end of my bed and has put his favorite stuffed animal on top of that pillow, facing towards the television. He says that the frog has to sleep in my bed with me. I think this is the cutest thing in the world. Even if my son comes and sits with me for awhile before going to his own bed and he forgets the frog, he will raise Holy Hell until he gets that frog, he will turn every light in the house on and look for that frog and come and put it on that pillow. This is also the same frog that I once showed apicture of my son with. He carries it on his shoulder a lot.

We got this frog back in June after a family day of shopping where everyone got what they wanted. He picked the frog out of F.Y.E and said he wanted it and it has been right by his side ever since. I'll post that pic on my private blog, as my stalker has seemed to make a comeback. She (I'm 99.9% sure it's the same pathetic bitch as last time) seems to be on my ass again, or at least thinks she is. But she is far from it. I wonder if she still gives Nyquil to her sick dog Max??? If she's reading this, then she knows she's been outed. I could spill more of her dirty little secrets, but I'd be stooping to her level and I'm above her. :-)

Also, nothing major to report on the baby front!! Still just relaxing and taking it easy for the most part. I did defy docs orders and took a walk yesterday. I was gone for about an hour, but I had something that I needed to get at the store and the weather didn't look like it was going to cooperate, so I went early and I ran into Lisa. She asked J if he was ready for his sister to come out and he did the "I don't know" thing. So cute.