Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Started This Post Last Night, But Could Not Finish!!

Yesterday was my 31st birthday!! YEAH!!! I'm one year older, one year wiser!! Plucked out 2 more gray hairs yesterday morning. I know some friends told me that gray hair represents wisdom and since I'm always giving advice on 1 special subject that I'm not even allowed to do anymore until at least 6 weeks post partum, I don't know how true that is anymore!! LOL!!

The kids left early and I had to take care of some business, so I sat outside for about 45 minutes. I'm highly surprised that someone did not come out to talk crap, but they know they had better avoid me right now. I got that business taken care of, walked back up the stairs...about the 3rd time that morning (major no-no). Sat down for about 45 minutes, got ready to go tot he doctor. Left out the door and got to the doctor. Someone must have told them about my 1 hour rule, because I walked in and walked out of there in under an hour.

My stats are now 191.4 pounds (up almost a pound from Tuesday). I forgot my b/p and temp (actually I don't see it at the office). But sat in the back of Dr S office before being pulled into the exam room. We surely thought this was going to be "Clash of The Titans" day. Everyone was prepared to do battle from all angles, but it did not turn out that way. I explained to Dr S in detail what happened, he would ask a question about what happened and I answered it in detail. I told him that I wasn't 100% sure if I got the colposcopy or not and he showed me his machine (which was broken) and I told him what it felt like and what went on. He asked me to have the papers faxed to him and he would look it over because since he is my primary doc, he would need them anyway. I agreed to go and get the papers for him. I got another u/s and Taylor is just as big as can be.

Then Dr S asked me about how the other docs were mentioning C-section. I told him about that and he said the body part they were talking about was so weak is always like that in a woman who is as far along as I am, just nature getting ready for the job at hand. As he was doing the u/s he was talking and then the visit was over. He also let me know that at my next visit he was going to start checking me for changes.

After the visit, went to KFC to get some Boneless Wings (i'm still convinced that KFC is the only place that sells these, despite the funny little debate I had last night about them). Went home and started eating. Noticed pants were a bit wet, so showered and changed for the 2nd time that day. Made some calls, did some emails, did some cleaning. Came back to do another round of emails and was sitting close to the screen on account my new glasses don't come in for awhile and I refuse to do contacts right now. Sat back and felt a gush of fluid. Lets just say I showered (for 3rd time), changed clothes and got to the ER in record time. Maybe like 45 minutes flat, maybe less.

While waiting to be seen by the triage nurse, my cell started blowing up like crazy. I don't know how many calls I got between my aunt and my mother, but it was quite a few. I let them know my progress along the way. Got back to L & D, explained to them what happened and they were like "Oh yeah!! That sounds like your water breaking!". Got into a robe, did the 1 million question thing (again) and got checked. The little swab test showed no amniotic fluid, but would be checked again by the doc that was on call. Got about another 5 or 6 calls!!! Got an IV, had what was called "Dry Stick", meaning was very dehydrated so the first vein wouldn't take the IV, had to do another stick. That first one is still hurting to this moment. The nurse I had was a familiar face, saw her last time at that place. She was so funny and put me at ease, I guess she could see the fear on my face.

I was hooked up to the fetal monitor and was having some contractions. The strong ones were no more than 20 minutes apart, I also had some little bits in between. They could monitor them from the nurses station. So everytime I had a big one, my nurse would come in and be like "On a scale of 1-10, how was that last one?". They never got over 4 (but I told them 2). Then a the doc walked in (the one on call) and she was a MOCHA. This Mocha doc was hilarious, the first thing she said when walking into the room was "Girl...where did you get that purse?". I told her how it was a gift, but how she could go and get one. She is probably on her way to the mall right now to get one. Then she introduced herself as Dr McGuire and told me what she was going to do. She did some pretty painful procedures and said it didn't appear as though my water broke, but it could have been something else. So she did a slide thing. They let me know they were either going to call Dr S or had already called him. They didnt' say anything about rather I was going to go home or stay there again. So I made a call to my mom to keep her posted. They did let me know they were trying to see what to do about the contractions I was still having and that they were going to try to get them to stop coming so often or stop all together.

They all left. Then a little while later, I got a knock on the door and a familiar face pops in. Was surprised to see this person, but this person came and stayed for about an hour. Told me to keep them updated. Gave me some gifts and had to take their nephew back home, as he wasn't allowed to come back due to being so young.

Then my nurse came in with Betamethasone....when I heard that word, I couldn't focus on anything else. That's when the fear started to set in that this could be it. I actually wanted to start crying, the nurse sensed this and told me that Dr S had ordered it because if the contractions would not stop, then he would be in 1st thing in the morning and would take Taylor via c-section and at least giving me Betamethasone at that time (it was still about 6 or 7 pm) would give her lungs a shot at being good. So I'm rolling my sleeve up to get the shot, and she's like "Oh no honey...roll over!". I'm like what? She said Betamethasone (at least at that hospital) is giving in the a**. Imagine me...a 31 year old woman getting a shot in the a**!! So I just rolled over and showed my assests!!! it actually did not hurt, I guess I have more a** then I thought I did back there. I let her know I had not received a shot in my a** sicne I was about 4 years old!! She laughed and gave me 2 juices and some water on account I was dehydrated.

So about 10 minutes later, she comes back in with another needle. I'm thinking "Just great...what is this?". I'm thinking it's pain medication for the contractions or something, because the length of time in between them was getting down to 10 minutes and they were getting bigger. But she told me it was Trebutaline (spelling????) to stop the contractions, or at least try to. This was also ordered by Dr S. If they had not stopped, then I would be a new momma by now. it took a minute for that stuff to work, but I was looking at the paper and the contractions were getting longer and longer apart and were not as big. Once they slowed up all together and went to a bit over 20-25 minutes apart, I had to go potty and the next shift told me that I was being released and could go potty. Okay, I had to do #1 only, but still...if they were going to do anymore internal exams, I wanted to be empty.

I ended up going home with strict orders. No sex (total bummer, and this is in place until at least 6 weeks post partum) and no heavy lifting and orders to come see Dr S on MOnday (tommorrow).

I've had some contractions, but did all the tricks to get them to stop. I had a hard night sleeping on account my legs were killing me and nothing that was done to them could stop them from hurting.

We went out and got some prescriptions I was given and went to Dunkin Donuts while the prescrips were being filled. Surprise..surprise...that franchise had no Rainbow Sherbert...or so I thought. I ordered a Flatbread sandwich, got two orange juices and two donuts. Waited for them to fix my sandwich and look over to my right and there is a big a** gallon of Rainbow Sherbert ice cream. You know how you have those moments like "Should I or should'nt I?" Since I had already put my hands on the donuts, I said no and would come back later this week to get the ice cream. Got home and took the 1st round of medication and an Tylenol for my legs. Now have to do some light cleaning and take a rest.

I'm going to take it easy today. Thought the Bear's game was coming on early, but it's a Prime-Time game. Since Tom Brady is out for the season, I have to throw my support behind the Bear's (for the time being).

Will try to post again later today. But I have a busy week I have to get ready for. Then I'm pretty sure I'll be a new mama by the end of next week, so we'll see how this goes.