Monday, September 29, 2008

Prolonged Premature Rupture of Membranes

I just got a call from my doc and it appears that while my water DIDbreak on Saturday as I thought it had. I have/had what is know as PPROM or Prolonged Premature Rupture of Membranes. This thing can seal itself back up rather quickly. This could be caused by Group B Strep, a very common thing that just about everyone has, but people are not tested for it until late in pregnancy (which I was today!!). Seeing as how Taylor was not in fetal distress, I was not in active labor and I had just hit 36 weeks that day. I was allowed to be discharged, with strict orders (that I had a hard time following!!), with anti-biotics and strict directions from my OB/GYN that if I have any more regular contractions occuring at least 15 minutes apart after doing all the tricks that are supposed to stop contractions, then I am to go right back to the hospital.

He says it is better to be safe than sorry, which is what I've been saying all along. I didn't care that people thought I was panicking or whatever, my fear was of being in bed at night and going into labor and having the baby at home and not knowing what to do. So that is why I went to the hospital like I did. Doctor reassured me that I did the right thing for my child and my own health.

So, Taylor will be or is looking to be born next week or the week after. Will keep you updated.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hospital Bag Is Packed!!

At least Taylor's portion is. And the bag is almost full. I'm sure if Dr S saw what I had to do to get the bag, he'd ship my behind back to the hospital. I don't think I did any heavy lifting, at least on my terms. But maybe on his. That closet also needed to be cleaned out, so I did as best as I could. I got all the diapers out and some left over baby clothes and it's in great condition now. I have pulled everything out that is going over to the new place. I don't know what I'm taking for myself. Probably my favorite pair of pants, a nice shirt and all the other things new moms are supposed to have and that I can't mention here.

I also have to go and stock up on batteries for the camera, crossword puzzle books and make sure my cell phone charger is in good working order. I have to put some money on the other part of the bill, so i can send text messages with pics on taylor once she is born. I'm sure Papa Joe will have his laptop with him, so we can watch movies and stuff. I don't know if he has a wireless thingy or if the hospital even has a wireless connection, but we'll see. I also have to put my USB cord in there and some money for extra things. All in all, we are about 98% done. Have to get the carseat, some extra diapers and formula and then we'll be at 100%. I'm getting ready to watch some tv, so I'll post tommorrow when I get back from the doctor. Seeing as how things can go at any day now, I had to use most of today to get prepared.


I Started This Post Last Night, But Could Not Finish!!

Yesterday was my 31st birthday!! YEAH!!! I'm one year older, one year wiser!! Plucked out 2 more gray hairs yesterday morning. I know some friends told me that gray hair represents wisdom and since I'm always giving advice on 1 special subject that I'm not even allowed to do anymore until at least 6 weeks post partum, I don't know how true that is anymore!! LOL!!

The kids left early and I had to take care of some business, so I sat outside for about 45 minutes. I'm highly surprised that someone did not come out to talk crap, but they know they had better avoid me right now. I got that business taken care of, walked back up the stairs...about the 3rd time that morning (major no-no). Sat down for about 45 minutes, got ready to go tot he doctor. Left out the door and got to the doctor. Someone must have told them about my 1 hour rule, because I walked in and walked out of there in under an hour.

My stats are now 191.4 pounds (up almost a pound from Tuesday). I forgot my b/p and temp (actually I don't see it at the office). But sat in the back of Dr S office before being pulled into the exam room. We surely thought this was going to be "Clash of The Titans" day. Everyone was prepared to do battle from all angles, but it did not turn out that way. I explained to Dr S in detail what happened, he would ask a question about what happened and I answered it in detail. I told him that I wasn't 100% sure if I got the colposcopy or not and he showed me his machine (which was broken) and I told him what it felt like and what went on. He asked me to have the papers faxed to him and he would look it over because since he is my primary doc, he would need them anyway. I agreed to go and get the papers for him. I got another u/s and Taylor is just as big as can be.

Then Dr S asked me about how the other docs were mentioning C-section. I told him about that and he said the body part they were talking about was so weak is always like that in a woman who is as far along as I am, just nature getting ready for the job at hand. As he was doing the u/s he was talking and then the visit was over. He also let me know that at my next visit he was going to start checking me for changes.

After the visit, went to KFC to get some Boneless Wings (i'm still convinced that KFC is the only place that sells these, despite the funny little debate I had last night about them). Went home and started eating. Noticed pants were a bit wet, so showered and changed for the 2nd time that day. Made some calls, did some emails, did some cleaning. Came back to do another round of emails and was sitting close to the screen on account my new glasses don't come in for awhile and I refuse to do contacts right now. Sat back and felt a gush of fluid. Lets just say I showered (for 3rd time), changed clothes and got to the ER in record time. Maybe like 45 minutes flat, maybe less.

While waiting to be seen by the triage nurse, my cell started blowing up like crazy. I don't know how many calls I got between my aunt and my mother, but it was quite a few. I let them know my progress along the way. Got back to L & D, explained to them what happened and they were like "Oh yeah!! That sounds like your water breaking!". Got into a robe, did the 1 million question thing (again) and got checked. The little swab test showed no amniotic fluid, but would be checked again by the doc that was on call. Got about another 5 or 6 calls!!! Got an IV, had what was called "Dry Stick", meaning was very dehydrated so the first vein wouldn't take the IV, had to do another stick. That first one is still hurting to this moment. The nurse I had was a familiar face, saw her last time at that place. She was so funny and put me at ease, I guess she could see the fear on my face.

I was hooked up to the fetal monitor and was having some contractions. The strong ones were no more than 20 minutes apart, I also had some little bits in between. They could monitor them from the nurses station. So everytime I had a big one, my nurse would come in and be like "On a scale of 1-10, how was that last one?". They never got over 4 (but I told them 2). Then a the doc walked in (the one on call) and she was a MOCHA. This Mocha doc was hilarious, the first thing she said when walking into the room was "Girl...where did you get that purse?". I told her how it was a gift, but how she could go and get one. She is probably on her way to the mall right now to get one. Then she introduced herself as Dr McGuire and told me what she was going to do. She did some pretty painful procedures and said it didn't appear as though my water broke, but it could have been something else. So she did a slide thing. They let me know they were either going to call Dr S or had already called him. They didnt' say anything about rather I was going to go home or stay there again. So I made a call to my mom to keep her posted. They did let me know they were trying to see what to do about the contractions I was still having and that they were going to try to get them to stop coming so often or stop all together.

They all left. Then a little while later, I got a knock on the door and a familiar face pops in. Was surprised to see this person, but this person came and stayed for about an hour. Told me to keep them updated. Gave me some gifts and had to take their nephew back home, as he wasn't allowed to come back due to being so young.

Then my nurse came in with Betamethasone....when I heard that word, I couldn't focus on anything else. That's when the fear started to set in that this could be it. I actually wanted to start crying, the nurse sensed this and told me that Dr S had ordered it because if the contractions would not stop, then he would be in 1st thing in the morning and would take Taylor via c-section and at least giving me Betamethasone at that time (it was still about 6 or 7 pm) would give her lungs a shot at being good. So I'm rolling my sleeve up to get the shot, and she's like "Oh no honey...roll over!". I'm like what? She said Betamethasone (at least at that hospital) is giving in the a**. Imagine me...a 31 year old woman getting a shot in the a**!! So I just rolled over and showed my assests!!! it actually did not hurt, I guess I have more a** then I thought I did back there. I let her know I had not received a shot in my a** sicne I was about 4 years old!! She laughed and gave me 2 juices and some water on account I was dehydrated.

So about 10 minutes later, she comes back in with another needle. I'm thinking "Just great...what is this?". I'm thinking it's pain medication for the contractions or something, because the length of time in between them was getting down to 10 minutes and they were getting bigger. But she told me it was Trebutaline (spelling????) to stop the contractions, or at least try to. This was also ordered by Dr S. If they had not stopped, then I would be a new momma by now. it took a minute for that stuff to work, but I was looking at the paper and the contractions were getting longer and longer apart and were not as big. Once they slowed up all together and went to a bit over 20-25 minutes apart, I had to go potty and the next shift told me that I was being released and could go potty. Okay, I had to do #1 only, but still...if they were going to do anymore internal exams, I wanted to be empty.

I ended up going home with strict orders. No sex (total bummer, and this is in place until at least 6 weeks post partum) and no heavy lifting and orders to come see Dr S on MOnday (tommorrow).

I've had some contractions, but did all the tricks to get them to stop. I had a hard night sleeping on account my legs were killing me and nothing that was done to them could stop them from hurting.

We went out and got some prescriptions I was given and went to Dunkin Donuts while the prescrips were being filled. Surprise..surprise...that franchise had no Rainbow Sherbert...or so I thought. I ordered a Flatbread sandwich, got two orange juices and two donuts. Waited for them to fix my sandwich and look over to my right and there is a big a** gallon of Rainbow Sherbert ice cream. You know how you have those moments like "Should I or should'nt I?" Since I had already put my hands on the donuts, I said no and would come back later this week to get the ice cream. Got home and took the 1st round of medication and an Tylenol for my legs. Now have to do some light cleaning and take a rest.

I'm going to take it easy today. Thought the Bear's game was coming on early, but it's a Prime-Time game. Since Tom Brady is out for the season, I have to throw my support behind the Bear's (for the time being).

Will try to post again later today. But I have a busy week I have to get ready for. Then I'm pretty sure I'll be a new mama by the end of next week, so we'll see how this goes.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What A Birthday!!!

I'm starting this a bit early because I don't know if I'm going to be able to post tonight. First, hair appointment is cancelled because I won't be able to squeeze it in between some business I have to take care of early this morning and the spur-of-the-moment doctors visit I have to do today, and not knowing what's going to happen after that. So my birthday plans may be jacked up, I may end up doing something.....end up doing nothing....or end up in the hospital!!! Fun isn't it? If you have been around me the last 12 hours or so, you would know that I'm not in a good mood right now.

But my mom told me last night to look at it from a positive side, if the baby is born today (God, I hope so), then we would share a birthday and we would be "Two Old A** Women" sharing our birthday and celebrating with each other every year. That would be cool. Technically, from what I've read last night and the few people I have had a brief moment to talk to last night, Taylor could be born at this point and not have any complications besides a few breathing issues, if that at all. So pray that if she does come this early, that she won't be in the hospital that long. I doubt it, the doctors all say she is doing well. So unless they were lieing to us, then all should be okay. I wanted her to come now, but if I could put things off until Friday...then I'd be okay with things. It'll give her a few more days of what-ever she is doing at this point.

Last night after posting, i was absolutely livid and had a breakdown moment. I am so ready for this to be over with, it makes no sense how this pregnancy has been going, one doc didn't provid einfo to the other doc I was referred had to wait for something to be faxed over. The doctor I was referred to can't share info with my regular doc unless I go way out of my way to sign a stupid piece of paper that they can't even fax to me. They have to have me make an appointment to sign a sheet of friggin paper. I don't get it.

I don't care what Dr S says today, I'm not getting a biopsy until I deliver Taylor. If he wants to do a biopsy now, then do a c-section and do the biopsy right then and there. But I'm not having a biopsy done, when people more qualified then him told me that it can wait!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Update #2

Just when I thought I was in the clear!! LOL!! I was taking a nap today and the phone rang. I looked at the caller id and all I could remember seeing was a familiar number, I didn't see the area code, so I was like "Just answer it!". I did and it was someone from my docs office, probably one of the new girls.

They ask for me and I'm like "Speaking", then she goes "I thought you were supposed to come into the office today!". I'm like " S said he wanted to see me but he didn't say what day, I was just going to do my regular visit next week!". She goes 'No, he wanted to see you today!". I"m like "Well...he should have told me!". She asks can I come in tommorrow. So I'm like "Yeah....what time!". She goes between 10:30-12noon. I'm like "I'll be there when you all open!". Then I'm guessing someone told her to tell me to be in at noon!! Great...just what I want to do. Spend part of my birthday in the doctors office!!

I know I'm only going to be there for one hour!! Whatever time I get there and check in, Dr S has one hour to see me. If he doesn't, then I'm walking out. I'm not going to spend my day in that place waiting and waiting. I have an idea of what he wants, but I'm not going to go way back on the West side of the city, just to sign a document for them to release medical records. That's why I hate seeing 2 different doctors at the same time, for basically the same thing. No one is sharing info with anyone, it's a pain to get info from one doc and get it to the other. I'll fax that release in, but I'll be damned if I go back up there for anything.



I talked to Dr S yesterday (finally) and he said that if I didn't have cancer then there was no reason to do a C-section. I would just be monitored very closely on a weekly basis starting next week and then we will take it from there. I won't go past 39 weeks, more than likely I'll be delivering sometime between 38-39 weeks. Which fits me perfectly as I turn 36 weeks tommorrow and 37 weeks next Saturday. That gives me time to move in, get somewhat settled and then just wait on baby. But that does mean, that I have tons of work to do in the next week or so. Just to get ready a bit.

I got a majority of the things I was supposed to do yesterday done. I didn't get to meet up with D to handle that buisness, I'm guessing it will happen sometime today. Have to get the kids ready to go to moms house for the weekend, I'm so glad they have today off for whatever reason it is. So that they can assist in getting themselves ready to go over to moms house.

I have to go and do some work now. Will probably try to post again today, but I'm sure I'm going to become super busy!! LOL

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Probably Only Post Of The Day!!

I have too much to do today!! LOL!! Actually only 3 things, but that is still too much for me right now.

I have to run back to the bank, before they snatch up the rest of my money. Charter One is a piece of s**t, no wonder their branches are few and far in between in this big city. I'd rather stick to having all my money on debit cards, at least it'll be safe then!!

Then I have to meet Reesie at the library to go over some paperwork, then come back home and meet Doc for some different paperwork. Then after that I can relax. I won't be done until about 6pm at the earliest.

Oh..and I have to call Dr S today to speak about a possible c-section. If he says "Let's just have you come in every week and hold off until 38 weeks!" then we have some time set to the side. I'm hoping he says that. Now everybody and their mama wants to say "She's coming on your birthday", which is this Saturday. I'm hoping not, but knowing my damn luck, she just might. At least I'll be in a vehicle so I'll be close to several hospitals!! LOL. Lets hope that isn't the case, if she comes this Saturday, she won't be coming straight home and I'm not going for that. When I leave the hospital, she's coming with me!!

After today, I'm all set for the rest of the week. With nothing to do until around October 1st. That's the move in date and grocery shopping date. After that, it's nothing but "Sit And Wait For Baby". I can't beleive it's that damn close.

I have to start getting dressed for the day. I've been up for about 2 1/2 hours and have not showered, dressed or did my hair. I need to get moving.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Blog Yet???

I can't believe that I have not blogged today at all. I have been kind of low key today, letting people know that I can pop at any day now. I got yelled at by my mom today...seeing as how I'm straddling the fence when it comes to delivering Taylor early or at a decent time...everyone thinks I should be sitting down. So once she found out that we were going out for breakfast, she told me I needed to sit my a** down. i told her I needed to go out to get some things, she said "What if the baby pops out and hits the ground?". I knew she was being funny, but she was also being a concerned grandma. I told her I would not be out long and when I got back, I would sit down. So that's what I've been doing 99% of the day today. Just sitting down and relaxing. Doing some work, answering and sending emails, just relaxing. Just getting ready for baby countdown.

It was funny when I was talking to my mom, because after telling her how I hated to be locked in the house on confinement..she told me to call my aunt and grandma to see what they would have to say about me going outside. Let's just say, that I have not called them!! LOL!!! I know how they are going to be. They are going to be just like my mom. So I have to listen to them somewhat. So Saturday (my birthday) will more than likely be my last day out, besides the move. After that, I'm putting myself on home bed-rest...only going out for doc visits, etc. Which from what went on yesterday, there shouldn't be too many if any more than 1 more doc visit.

That's all I have to post for now.

Oh wait...Did you know that Clay Aiken was gay? WOW...that was the big news of the day. Like we didn't already know that. SHeesh...who does he think he was fooling. He couldn't even fool a blind person. My Gay-Dar went off immediately on him. But to each his own.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Important Update!!

I have been home for about 90 minutes now. Things were quite interesting today at Mt Sinai. Found out that my cx is a bit too pliable for the doctors there liking, so they immediately started talking C-section. They said if given a choice, I should elect to have a C-section. I volunteered for one and told them I would have a talk with my doctor. So me and Dr S have some things to discuss come Thursday. Looks like Taylor will be born earlier than expected. Don't have any firm details yet, but should know something by the end of this week.

Also, I have what is known as Moderate Dysplasia (CIN II). Was told by the doctors there after they had to have a conference call with my regular doctor, that I don't have Cervical Cancer as I thought I would have. But if this is not taken care of as soon as I have the baby, then in 5-7 years, it could develop into Cervical Cancer. So 6 weeks after I have Taylor (should I do it the regular way) I have to have a Colposcopy with a possibly Biopsy. If I have a c-section, then I can have it earlier. We won't start any possible treatment until after I deliver.

That's about all that happened today. I'm pretty beat!! more exciting thing happened. We got to hear Taylor's heartbeat via doppler today. Turns out, she is head down with her back to my left side and her feet are spread out over to the right. So she is in position and set to come out, but not yet!!

Talk to you later!!

Busy Day Today, Will Probably Only Post Once!!

Watched Dancing With The Stars last night, must say I am quite impressed with everyone. Looks like everyone can dance this season. Everyone did quite well. I'll give my review on each dancer:

Lance Bass: He danced with Lacey from So You Think You can Dance? Liked the dance. It had that Lacey flair that those of us who watched SYTYCD are used to.

Toni Braxton: Glad she is doing this despite her health issue. And does she really have two kids? Look at those ABS??? I want her trainer. She did good, messed up a few times. Loved the outfit.

Brooke Burke: 4 kids my a**!! Can't remember her dance song, think she did good.

Rocco Dispirito: The only thing I can remember is thinking of his Mom's famous meatballs!!

Maurice Greene: Wil probably be the 1st to go, dance was not as strong as everyone else. And he doesn't have that fan base he used to have. So he may be on his way out. And is it me or is he getting "OLD"??? Maybe it's that stuff he was pumping

Kim Kardashian:This was the performance I was looking forward to the most. i wanted to see if this girl really had something to offer the world besides "Homemade Movies" and whining!! That girl can dance. Needs more stage presence, but she did very good.

Cloris Leachman:I'll be honest, I know who she is, but can't say that I've sat and watched anything she's done. When Tom mentioned the show producers doing shots getting ready for Cloris, i was like "Why?". Then she danced and started to talk after getting her scores and I could see why. This lady is 82 years old and has the mouth of a 20 something year old woman from the South Side of Chicago!! They bleeped her a few times. She was a riot.

Cody Lindley: Don't know him. Don't watch Hannah Montanna. Can't remember his performance.

Susan Lucci:I watch this woman everyday (well Monday-Friday). La-Kane can move (if you don't know who La-Kane is, then you don't know Susan Lucci).

Misty May-Treanor: Timid, will be in the bottom with Mo Greene!!

Jeff Ross: Goof ball, loved the joke he made about Kim Kardashians butt.

Tedd McGinley:Can't remember his dance

Warren Sapp:Can we say Champion? This guy can move for a really big guy. Technique wasn't perfect, but he put on a show. If he keeps on like this, he'll be in the Final Two.

Okay, enough about that. I got what I was expecting early this morning. So I have to be out of this house and running errangs before 9am!! Small break in between...then off to Mt Sinai. I'm keeping positive thoughts about this. After all, my birthday is in a few days, appears I'll be going out with a good guy...have a pocket full of is healthy and on her are healthy...we are finally getting the hell out of here. So all is good, can't complain!!

Have to go now, talk to you later!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

What A Day!!! Hope Tommorow Is Better!!

Today was an eventful day!! And it's not even 1pm. Found out something very interesting about the jerks I have been dealing with. But I'll let what is going to happen, just happen naturally. I have long said, if you give a jerk enough rope, eventually that jerk will hang himself/herself with it. But enough about that.

I think I have finally decided what event I want to do. I'm almost 95% sure. I know I keep saying that. But I really have one in mind right now. Just have to wait until tommorrow to see if things are going to go the way I hope they do. If so, then I'll be doing everything this week. That's in addition to moving!!

Dancing With The Stars comes on tonight. This seems like a very interesting cast. They have Warren Sapp, Maurice Greene, Kim Kardashian, Susan Lucci, Cloris Leachman, Lance Bass and a few other people I can't remember. My vote is already for Kim Kardashian and Maurice Greene to be the final two!! I don't really know that much about her, besides what I see on her show and what I hear about her. To me...and this is just based on waht I see. She isn't famous for that much, except for the "Ray J" video thing and being Robert Kardashians daughter. So this will prove if she has some real talent or not. I can't wait until it comes on, I'll give my thoughts on the show after it goes off the air.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Post #2!!


I was able to do a majority of the things I had set for today and was able to come back and do another post.

I managed to get the laundry done. Seeing as how the washing machine went Kaput back in July and I haven't had it replaced since then and won't until we move, I had to go to the laundry mat. Fortunately, I was able to find 3 machines within close proximatey (spelling???) to each other. Two were right next to each other and the 3rd one was in the next row. I got the laundry done in record time. Probably about an hour. It was an interesting trip. I saw this crazy guy (later found out he was one of those druggie-heads) walking across the street, then go through the garbage cans at the gas station located right across from the laundry mat. Then he started heading towards the laundry-mat and I was like "Oh heck no!". I hoped he did not come in there. But a little later, I started to see a bunch of "Chicago's Finest" (not really)pull up and they started walking towards the place I was at. Turns out there was some guy who was actually a off-duty cop who was there doing his laundry and he saw this guy doing drugs on the side of the laundry-mat (Real Smart Buddy)..and it took 7 cars of cops to get him in the car!!! He must have been acting a real a**!! He looked as if he were homeless. But lets just say, for the next few nights...he has 3 Hots and a Cot!! Well..not really...he has an unlimited supply of "Choke Bolonga Sandwiches" and a metal slab that can hardly be called a bed.

But soon, they'll ship him off to the County, probably in the morning, as they don't do transports on weekends. Then he'll get a nice little packaged lunch after seeing the judge, provided he even acts decent. Who knows!!

On another subject, I'm going to do one of two events in 2009. I have my eye on one. At least I know with this one, I won't run into a certain group of people and will have a shot at getting the title. And won't be distracted by the "Fakeness" of some people.

Well, I need to go now. I have to go and work on the Essay Questions for American Coronet. Also, need to eat dinner. I haven't been eating as I'm supposed to. That number that popped up on the scale 2 weeks ago, scared the crap out of me. But it is all for a good cause!! So I'll shut it and stuff it for now!!

Sunday Post, Probably The Only One!!

I have a ton of things to do today, normally, i would have been out and done by now, but I haven't even left the house. Today is full of luandry, schoolwork and packing. I have too much to do this week and I was going to wait until the morning to do laundry, but why put it off, then I would have been fussing!! LOL!! So I'll get that done today and whatever else I can squeeze in for the day. So that the rest of this week can be smooth sailing (Hopefully!!).

Finally made my decision to compete. I won't list which one it is until it is official. But I will keep you posted!! Hint...hint...The Pageant takes place in the United States!!! LOL!!! That should narrow it down to about 50,000!! LOL!!

Will try to post more later, but I'm already running late. So talk to you later???

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Afternoon Post!!

Today was somewhat busy. Had a lot of early morning things to do, then I decided at the very last minute to go ahead and go to the doctor. Left the house about 10:52am, got to the doctor a bit after 11:30am. I wasn't there long and was on my way home by 12:52pm. The Dr beat me into the office and that's the 1st time in 6 years that he's ever beaten me to the office. He was actually very nice to me this time around, if you read the post from exactly 2 weeks ago, he was about an inch away from getting dropped kicked by a pregnant woman!! No joke!! But he let me know that everything is okay and that all is well with me and baby. Baby Taylor is now at 6 1/2 pounds. When she is only supposed to be about 5 or 5 1/2 pounds. I however, have gained no weight whatsoever. Everything I've eaten in the last 2 weeks has gone to the baby. Go figure, her dad is a linebacker after all!! This does not look good for labor and delivery!! LOL!!!

On the other hand, got home and saw the "Old Ass Bat". I knew walking down the street that something was going to be said and sure enough. Her dumb as bricks grandson made a comment and then she chided in. They just don't know how the hammer is about to drop down on their asses. I have something in store for each of them. When I'm through with them, they are going to wish we had never met, or that they had never crossed me. But I only have abot a week left in this hell-hole, then I'll be far away from them and won't have to deal with them. They are lucky as heck, I was going to wait until I have the baby to go off and take a couple of swings on them. But seeing as how I won't be in the area anymore, I'll let it rest. But rest assured...come MOnday morning. I have a few choice phone calls to make!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Evening Post


Today has been a very easy day. Didn't have much to do. Thought I was going to watch the Cubs game, but apparently it came on a different channel that we did not have. So we were not able to watch it. I'm slightly upset and kind of wondering what happened. Hopefully they won, but I've been watching the news and I have not heard the newscasters say anything about the Cubs. So we will see.

I got most of my classwork done for both classes. I'm happy about that. Have some appointments to attend tommorrow. I'm getting stuff done, but at my own slow pace. Heard from a fellow Mocha today and I let her know that while we may not have much, she is welcome to anything she needs/wants. I hate to see a fellow Mocha in a bad situation, so I try to help out when I can. I have another surprise for her, but I want to spring it up on her. Kind of hard to do when I don't have her address and I would have to get it from her. So, maybe I should trick her or something. We'll see.

I've ordered dinner (today is not a cooking day), so I'll come back later to post if I have anything else to post about.

Called It An Early Night Last Night!!

I must have been very pooped last night because I ended up going to sleep around 9:30pm last night. All I know is I was watching the 1st episode of Fraiser and turned over and laid on my left side and that was it. I was out like a light. I don't even know if anyone called last night, as most people seem to want to call once I'm in the bed.

With the amount of things that I have to do within the next week, I'm going to have to spread them out over the next few days. Or, do one thing tommorrow and a few on Sunday and try to finish up on Monday or Wednesday. I figure everything should be all set by Wednesday and we'll be able to head on over to the new spot by Thursday. My mom says move in over next weekend (Ummm...excuse me...that's my birthday weekend!! No work...all play!!). The latest I'll move anything is Friday. But Saturday and Sunday are my days.

Also forgot that I have to get a few Onsie's today. I am in a Onsie exchange with some women and need to get those out as well. Then there are the tons of phone calls I have to make today. That's why whatever I'm doing today will be around the house. I should do the laundry today instead of putting it off until Sunday, but we will see.

Will post more later. I'm tired as heck right now. Have been trying to fully wake up since about 6:29am. Need to get my other Final Project done, so I can be done with school (at least one class) for now. Can't even finish the other one until the 1st day of October, seems the professor has blocked it until then. Does she know I have unpredictable babies? LOL!! This baby is likely to come that first or second week of October. I know that her final is one not to be missed and it needs to be open now so I can get it done.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Day Today!!

Today I woke up and expecting to go somewhere, but I didn't hear from someone. Once it got past a certain time, instead of sitting there any longer. I got up and went by myself. I went ahead to the bank and spent a great deal of time in there. Got part of what I wanted to do for the next couple of days done. Only a few more tasks left to do. Have to go to my regular bank and make a deposit and then go back on Monday to get the money so we can close on this property and get things done.

Then Tuesday is my appointment at Mt Sinai and then I'm free until the weekend. Then that's when the party begins! All weekend long!! I'm going to enjoy my special day, because it's probably going to be my last party time before having the baby. Have to do Taylor's shopping sometime soon. Probably next week. I don't see it happening this week if I go to the doctor this weekend. I'm looking forward to a good week coming up, leading up to my birthday. Things can only get better after that as well.

Don't have much to post right now, kind of tired. Need to take a nap for a minute and then start making plans for this week. They should have been written down a long time ago, but things happen. It's sad, but I have to make plans to write down some plans!! LOL

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day Started Off Good, Then BAMMO!!

I'm not going to get into detail. But a phone call that someone else received and relayed to me has had me in a foul mood ever since. The situation is being dealt with. I'm also starting to notice a trend in some people, but won't list that here as well, as it involves family members. But trust me, things are changing right now. There is going to be a new policy in effect.

Anywho, trying to decide on what hairstyle I'm going to go with. Stuck between two different ones. One will last all of 2 or 3 weeks and if I get it done when I plan on getting it done, it will be need to be done over before Taylor comes. If I go with the other, I'll have about 2 or 3 good months. I like one style I saw on C-Lo's daughter on the MTV show Exiled. Looks managable, but I would not be able to lay on my back like I'm going to have to do (okay...that sounded a bit freaky, but you know what I mean).

Also found out that starting on the 17th, some boards on BBC are going to go to Read Only. Wow...what nice notice!! LOL!! I let my Mocha's know that once they switch over, I'm not coming back and will be on the website where I'm a mod of a few boards.

Having a few BH's right now. Kind of painful. Supposed to see Dr S this weekend, but don't know if that's going to happen now. I have too many things to do and it's starting to crowd up. Who knew trying to move, have a baby, get your hair done, do some baby shopping and celebrate your birthday all within a span of a few days would take so much planning!! I'm tired already

Busy Weekend Ahead!!

Have to do huge loads of laundry (at least 3), go to the doctor, finish up Taylor's shopping list, pack and get everything switched to the new place, make 2 trips to the bank, go shopping for the new place, go shopping for my birthday outfit, confirm the other birthday plans I have and I think that's it, but I never write anything down, so I'm sure that isn't it.

Didn't get to sleep until late last night. Actually I wasn't even that tired. For the first time in a few nights, I stayed up pretty late. I stayed up until the Untouchables came on, I couldn't tell you what the episode was about!! I think that's when I started to drift off to sleep. I got about 5 maybe even 6 hours of sleep overnight, that's better than anything.

I seemed to have messed up my shoulder in some way. Everytime I move it a certain way, it I pulled a muscle or something. And when I apply pressure to it, it hurts. The pain is getting less and less, but it is still noticeable.

Have a somewhat busy day today. Have to do some more schoolwork to pull up my grade a bit. Then I have to start sorting through some stuff so we can get it all packed up and ready to go. Will take pictures of the new place once we get settled in. I don't expect to decorate fully until October 1st, maybe even November 1st. We may even host one of the holiday things...possibly Thanksgiving. But not Christmas. And guess who won't be invited??? Yeap, that "Cancer On the Family". She is not welcomed in my house at all. My uncle is, I'm not upset with him. But that troll has her own family, as messed up as they are, let her spend the holidays with them!! Or at home with her 2 dogs, so she can get them high off of human cold medicine!!

Last night, dealt with a hyper-active 5 year old. I don't know if it was the fruit cup he ate earlier in the day, but it kicked in around bed time and he just followed me everywhere and was doing cartwheels and push ups, name it. He was doing it last night. He wrote my "Other name" because I didn't know what it looked like?? The mind of a 5 year old!! So cute. Then he wrote his name and some other words.

Have to go and do some work now. Have tons to get through before I can even start to do any of the stuff I listed above. TTYL!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update On Last Post!!

Just got the call we have been waiting on for the longest time!! We got the place!! So very excited about that. Move in day has not been settled, but I am going to have it either right before my birthday or right after. Just want to get settled in before Taylor gets here. So excited, because now...I won't have to waste my time doing something that will take too much time.

Will post more probably later on today or tommorrow. I'm starting to not feel so well again, maybe it was that lunch I ate???


Early Evening Post

Today has been a up and down day. Feeling good one minute, totally icky the next. I can't wait for this to be all over with. Only a matter of days and I'm done. Supposed to be getting that call I'm expecting sometime tonight, we will see.

Don't have much to post, just tired as heck. Have to go over and do some school work right now, so maybe I'll post later on today.

Morning Post!!

Today, I plan on dedicating most of my time to schoolwork. I'm going to try to knock out the rest of the semester. I just don't have the time, energy or patience to deal with them right now and I put it off, but it's starting to affect my grades. I'm sure I'll get on the ball soon. I'm just not myself these past few weeks and I have no energy to sit up here and do all that work. I'm glad I didn't ask for 5 classes this semester. I won't do that until after the next semester.

I'm just lagging today. Can't get that one window close, but that's to be expected. It hasn't closed in weeks!! LOL!! Was supposed to be replaced, but it hasn't. Go figure!!

Will post in the afternoon, but only if something exciting happens, or else I won't be posting until later on today.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Feeling Somewhat Better!!

My severe acid reflux has gone away. Needed something with some acid in it, and got it around 4pm and my reflux is gone.

Got 2 more calls from those "organizations" raising funds for Police, Children With Aids, People With Cancer, Etc. I don't have anything against sending donations to these organizations. However, it is my money and my right to demand certain information from these "organizations".

This one was for the Illinois State Police. Hmmmm??? Don't I know one? Sure as heck do. But I've digressed....anywho...he goes into his whole script and asks for my donation. I told him I don't mind sending money, but I wanted to see information about his organization first. WHich is what some consumer fraud guy said you should do when any organization calls your house!! If they want you to donate money, then they will send out what you request and we are not talking about these fake ass decals, but real paperwork. Ask to see their non-profit reports and see how quick they go "Everything is on file with the AG!". Sure, but I want you to send it to me. If you want my money, then you'll send what I ask and if you have a problem sending it to me, that shows me your credibility as a legit organization.

As I type this, I have another window open talking about this Fraudulent Police and Fire Fundraising organizations. And they have something on this page that I hear everytime one of the "Police" fundraisers call me and that is One major tip-off to a rip-off is a suggestion that you'll receive special treatment for donating - for example, that you won't be stopped for speeding if you display a police organization's decal on your car window.

Now, I have heard this about 5 times in the last week. They seem to think I'm so busy during the day, that I will forget who is calling and just donate money to them. No, because I've been screwed by one of these fake ass police organizations.

This same website offers these tips:

Take the following precautions to help ensure that your donation dollars benefit the organizations and people you want to help.

Request written information. Ask for the name of the organization, its mission, plans for achieving its objectives, and how much of every dollar collected is used for charitable purposes.

Call the beneficiary organization. Find out whether they're aware of the solicitation and have authorized the use of their name. If the answer is no, you may be dealing with a scam artist.

Find out how your donation will be distributed. How much will go to the program you want to support, and how much will cover the charity's administrative fund-raising costs?

Refuse high pressure appeals. Legitimate fund-raisers don't push you to give on the spot. They take the time to explain the purpose of their solicitation and the goals of the beneficiaries.

Research claims of local support. If a charity tells you that your donation will support a local organization, call the organization to verify the claim.

Consider the costs. When you buy merchandise or tickets for special events, or when you receive "free" goods in exchange for a donation, remember that these items have costs and that a portion of your contribution is being used to pay for them. That leaves less for the beneficiary.

Avoid cash gifts because they can be lost or stolen. For security and record-keeping purposes, it's best to pay by check. Make it payable to the beneficiary, not the solicitor. Avoid solicitors who want to send a courier or use an overnight delivery service to pick up your donation.

All of this can be found by going to:

This same organization that just called me a few minutes ago, seemed to forget that they mailed this "packet" of info to my business address. I got it after telling them what I requested and do you think I got what I asked for? Nope.

Calling the number that called the house, I don't speak to a human. But get a recording? They say they have a website. I asked for the url, I told them I was already on the internet and could look it up. What did they tell me? The web address will be in the paperwork. I highly doubt it.

Be on the lookout for these organizations. They take the publics concern and care for the police and firemen and prey on this. I for one, certainly do not want to donate any money to any police organization at this time. By the time I am done with the Chicago Police Department. They are going to need a special fund just to handle what is about to hit them!!

Damn chocolate!!

I guess chocolate is not excluded from my diet. Chocolate seems to give me severe acid reflux. I ate a few dozen M & M's today, because I brought htis huge bag and wanted to finally finish them off. I ate some and now I'm paying for it. Only about 3 more weeks and 5 days of this to go. Hopefully, i can finally get through this and be done with it.

Still waiting on a very important phone call. Haven't gotten it yet. But hope it comes before 6pm, so I can rest at ease the rest of the day. Comcast is gone...WHOOP-DE-FRIGGIN-DO!! As soon as it went off, i said out loud "Watch they call in less than 5 minutes!". And sure enough, it was the dumb bitch Lupe who I've had more than one not so nice conversations with. She calls me and is like "Would you like to make a payment to restore your services?". Can you imagine what I told her? LOL!! if you know me, then you know what I told her. This payment she wants me to make is $45.00. I refuse to make it because we are about to leave this place and will be getting Direct Tv. So it makes no sense to pay for about 2 weeks worth of service, now does it? I told her "F**K No, I wouldn't like to make a payment and told her she can have a technician come and pick up the 2 boxes and the modems. She informs me that they don't do that anymore. Flat out frickin lie, because we once had the cable off for 2 days and who was at the door trying to get the stuff? A Comcast technician...or as Jordan calls them DUMBCAST!!! She says she was going to put in the notes that I am refusing to return the equipment, I told her to correctly put in the notes what I said and to stop being a lieing bitch and put what I actually said. That I am not lugging 2 boxes and a modem to some place, when they were delivered to me via a technician!! if that's how they got here, that's how they can be returned.

Then she offered to have DHL come pick them up but I would have to pay for the service. She must have been out of her damn mind!! I told her if they did not come and pick them up by the time we left, they would be outside or in the garbage and hung up on her!!

Hopefully I get some good news tonight. Keep fingers crossed!! :-)

Plans For Today!! Should Be An Easy & Low Key Day...Hopefully!!

I hope that today will be a nice and low-key day. I don't have much to do today, except tie up a few loose ends, go to the bank, do some school work and relax.

I think I've found the Travel System and Play-Yard that I want to get. It's a Winnie The Pooh theme. It's at the local store I want to go to. If I'm paying for it out of my own pocket, then I'm getting that one. If Big Poppa wants to pay for it, then he is free to get any design he wants!! All I really need is the carseat, I'm a co-sleeper so that Play-Yard thing isn't even really necessary right now.

Have errands to run, but can't start until 2pm. That gives me a good part of the day to relax and catch up on whatever I've been lacking. I got part of my Final Project for my IT class done, only one more part to do and that's the Power Point Presentation. I'll knock that out today. Then just a little fine-tuning and it'll all be done.

Also, T-Mobile just screwed up for the 2nd straight row in a month. I'm not even going to mention how they have screwed up. But I love the fact that they send text messages out, that basically shows how they messed up or whatever. But I'm going to keep my mouth shut on that end. I know what to do for next month though!! LOL!! I don't know if their accounting is off...well, I do know, because it is a LOT!!! But that's their issue and not mine.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Semi-Productive Weekend!!

I had a semi-productive weekend. I won't go into detail seeing as how I'll be in the bed in about 17 minutes looking at television, so I'll get into my weekend in the morning.

Lets just say, some people came really close to getting the "You know what knocked out of them". But in due time, they will know how I feel. Word from friggin word. I have 3 individuals that I have something to say to and they will soon hear some not so nice words from me. I'm going to "read" them from head to toe and dare them to lay a finger on me. Some things need to be said and the time to say them is coming.

It hasn't rained here in some time, so hopefully the rain is over for at least a few days. I have some work I need to get done over the next few days and rain will do nothing but delay what I have to do and I don't need that. I need to go out and get Taylor's car seat this week. So that I can have it off to the side. Also have to get the grooming products, diapers and some more formula and then she'll be all set.

Just waiting on a bit of good news tommorrow. Hopefully things will go my way. I need a change of enviroment. Some people are getting on my bad side and that's not a good thing. One thing they have not seen is me go off, normally I smile when one of these assholes irritate me. But things are getting out of hand and they know I can't physically do anything. But I do have some words to set their behinds straight. Then I'm going to make a few phone calls and watch things all around them fall down, one by one...piece by piece.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Starting Off As One Of Those Days!!

Today is starting off to be one of the EVERYBODY AND THEIR DAMN MAMA IS MOVING SLOW AS HELL DAYS!! The kids were moving slow as hell, I don't understand why on earth it takes a person 2 hours to cook a small as breakfast, clean up and then they still have not put on their clothes. Their lateness is making me late and I hate to be late!!!

I don't know, maybe it's the weather. It finally stopped raining about an hour ago. But we have not seen the worse of it yet. Today is going to be one of those days where I'm going to try my hardest not to snap on someone. Hopefully, i can put a few thousand in my pocket this weekend, so I can take a break the rest of the year. This is wishful thinking, but I should be okay and not have to work until tax time next year. I really want to take the time off to bond with Taylor. I'm hoping that whoever I'm assigned to today doesn't ask me 1 million and one questions about something I just explained to them in detail. People should just shut the hell up and listen and then they could eliminate a bunch of questions they have.

Waiting on the 1st appointment to arrive, it's hard as hell typing this from the cell phone. But I may as well put some of these minutes to use. I can't even focus on schoolwork because I'm so irritated. I just wish the winter would come already,but then I'll probably be irritated because of that.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Visit From Down Under!! Random Posting!!

I checked the blog today and saw that I had a visit from "The Land Down Under". I wonder who the hell that could be??? LOL!! As if I didn't know. Seems Ms Piss On My Parade Aussie Bitch is back. Hey Julie!! Long Time No Hear!! Too bad I won't let trash like you get to me anymore!!

Has a very productive day today. Didn't really do much but meet some nice people and got some business done. Aunite Kellie (not really my aunt, but takes the place of the bitch who is no longer my aunt) wants me to do some work for her this weekend, way out in some god forsaken county. So I won't be in Chicago much this weekend. Have to help a nice friend with getting some vacant units sold. Real Estate is not really my thing, but it's a great opportunity to make some nice money.

Little Taylor is cool, she hasn't been doing too much today. Has thrown out a few BH's, but not much else. I think she knows she only has a little over 3 weeks left before she's bombarded by dozens of people. My ticker says something like 6 weeks or so, but I'm being induced early. Thank God for that!! I think she's running out of space in there. In about another hour or so, she'll be moving around and acting all crazy before going to sleep again. She's on such a schedule, I'm hoping that things stay the same after she's born. But I doubt it.

We have to go and pick up a carseat ASAP!! I'm trying to have everything done for her by the end of next week. least by my birthday. After that, I'll be cool. I did all the "Nesting" that I'm going to do for this pregnancy and won't be doing anymore. Hopefully, I can do all that needs to be done shortly. I want to at least rest the last few days.

Next week, I'm shifting the focus from the pageant business and putting it over to the Basketball League and Soccer League. I'm doing some reasearch on things now and should have the entire site done by the end of next week.

This weekend, I won't be around much...besides being out of town, I'll be finishing up the remainder of my school work for this semester. Seeing as how everyone and their momma (including me) thinks that I'm going to pop before the end of the semester. So I have to be prepared just in case. I'm thanking the good lord up above that I'll have access to a laptop while gone.

Also, finally finished the layout of my personal site. Every page is not updated yet, but hopefully I'll have time to do that this weekend. You should know the url by now, so I won't post it here!! I'm sure my stalker who has been lurking in the background has visited it many times already!! Such a shame that someone that claims she's a millionaire has that much time on her hands. But then again, I heard something about those Aussie Chicks. That they are all a bit whacked!!

It's still raining and has been doing so on and off since very early this morning. Someone I spoke to this morning actually thought it was Ike, but it isn't. Ike isn't expected to throw some rain our way until Monday or Tuesday. I hope it's Tuesday. I have many important things to do this coming Monday and rain or not, it's going to get done!!!

That's about it for today. I probably won't post again until late tommorrow night or sometime Sunday. TTYL

One Of Those Slow Dragging Days!!

I can tell that today is going to be one of those slow-dragging days. One of those days where you don't want to do anything, but you have to!! Only thing I have to do is to show the unit to one person today. THANK GOD!! But tommorrow is a entirely different day, I have about 6 or 7 people coming to see the unit. So from about noon to about 3:30 pm, I'm going to be busy as hell. But anything to get this unit rented, so I can get the hell out of here.

Will have more to post later.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today Is That Day!!

I didn't know what else to call the title for today's blog entry, I wanted to put "Just Another Day", but I think that would have been somewhat offensive to some people and today, I promise not to offend and debate anything with anyone.

I'm going to post what i was doing 7 years ago today, just as I do every year on this day. I'm also going to post my feelings on the entire situation at the end.

7 years ago today, I woke up right after the 1st plane hit the 1st tower. I got up and turned on the television like I did every morning when getting the kid ready for school. I had obviously been watching Oprah (A show I'll never watch again, but for other reasons) because the tv was on our ABC affiliate. And they had a live shot of the 1st tower on fire and the caption said "Small Commuter Plane Crashes Into WTC". I'm thinking it's a plane accident, because we hadn't had a major one in quite some time. So I tossed the images out of my head and turned to either Cartoon Network or PBS (which shows kid shows in the morning). Then on my way to the restroom, I knocked on the door of the room my mother was sleeping in. That was her day off, and normally she did not wake up so early on her day off. But I wanted to tell her what was going on, so I woke her up and told her what happened. She got up and turned on the television. I went to the restroom and started getting the LO ready for school. Then I heard my mom say "Oh My God!". My mom says that a lot, but it was the way she said it that had me kind of concerned. So I made sure the LO's stayed in the room they were in and I went to see what was going on. She told me a 2nd plane had hit the other tower.

In my mind, I said "It's just a bad day for aviation!". I'm thinking 2 planes crash into the same site. I started thinking maybe something was wrong with the people at the airports from which these planes took off. I went about my normal routine. Walked the LO's to school and had to go and get some milk. I get into the store and see a group of people standing around a television. Thee people were old and young, men and women, some good citizens and what you would call thugs. They were all just standing there looking at the tv. I was in the back and could see the tv somewhat. Then I just casually looked to my left and saw the owner of the store on the phone talking to someone in his native language and English, the thing that struck me as odd was that he was laughing and saying "Omg, this is hilarious. What is going on with these planes?". Then he looked at me and I must have been giving him this look because he kind of walked off to the back area of the store. I went and got my milk and noticed the butcher was going off. This butcher was a black man, who I had spoken to on many occassions and I knew something was off. So I went back to speak to him and he was going off at how the owner and the other Arab men in the store were making fun of the situation and they didn't know what was going on, but there was going to be some big death tolls.

I had to get out of the store. I can't remember if the plane hit the Pentagon on my way home or after I got home. But my mother told me a 3rd plane hit the Pentagon and I didn't believe her. I told her that it was impossible for that to happen. My mother worked at an airport at the time and they were in the process of shutting down the airport close to our home. We couldn't call the place my mother worked at because the lines were so jammed. We sat on the porch with a neighbor from down the street and waited for my mothers friend to come home. The sky was quiet as ever, as we lived right under a flight path or two of Midway airport. I kept going back and forth from the tv to the porch. We saw an F-16 fly over the house towards the D.C area. That was odd, because we had never seen one fly over our area before. I saw the towers fall and didn't even think about the people inside.

I tried to place a call to someone I know who is in Law Enforcement and couldn't reach him. I then went throughout the day, just thinking that we had now 4 planes crash into something (by this time Flight 93 had crashed). Even after seeing some people in some Middle Eastern/Arab country passing out candy, dancing in the streets and shouting "Death To America"...I still had no idea what was going on. Even after finally being able to log online that night after trying all day. A good friend of mines (Hey Phil) was livid. I had never seen him like this before, so it was odd.

In my eyes, I saw and understood what happened. But for a few weeks, I could not even imagine, how on earth this big bad ass country like the United States would/could allow people to come into our country and do this to us. I did not see it happening and I just would not believe it. Finally in mid October, while watching a video that was made by several music artists and seeing images of firefighters and police officers crying and going into the towers and knowing that some of them would not be coming out, it finally hit me. I finally realized that something horrible had happened to our country and I was just bawling like a big baby. I felt so sad that day and honestly thought I could never feel that sad again. I cried for the longest time, then I had that same anger that many Americans had and I held onto that anger for a very long time.

I can remember coming back from the mall one day and having to ride the bus home, a young Muslim woman who was clearly Arab got onto the bus. Everyone had been just talking it up and having a good time, when she got on hat bus, the bus went quiet and I could remember the anger and rage I had just looking at her. I never had such thoughts of rage and anger towards a person in my life. I wanted to jump up and choke the life out of her simply for who she was and knowing that she was the same as the jerks who did this to our country. For the longest time, I did not patronize any business if it were run by an Arab person and in my community, that leaves you with slim pickings. I still have not gone back into that store I walked into earlier that day.

My thoughts on the entire situation are this. We may or may not have had advance warning, from some of the shows I've seen, we had knowledge that Bin Laden was planning something like this. The security at airports was lax as hell!! My mother invited me and the family to breakfast at one of the airport restaurants and we were able to go into the airport without a plane ticket (this was before 9-11). These jerks that did this had items that set the metal detectors off, but they were still allowed on. I'm angry at a lot of things, and I hate when this day comes up. But this is one of those days, that as hard as you try, you will not forget. You may not think of it during the year like me, but when it gets close you start to think of it more and more and you see those images again and again.

Another thing that ticks me off is, I can remember how much patriotism was shown right after. We used to play "Count The Flags" on our way somewhere and they would always reach into the hundreds. Now, you are lucky if you see one. Have people forgotten? Or were they just "posing"? I don't know.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Dream!! Busy Day!!

First I'll get into this dream I had the other day.

Me, A and my dad are walking in one of those Mini Mega Malls that we have a million of here in Chicago. It seemed to be around Christmas, because A kept asking me if I wanted to get some stuff for the kids for Christmas. I said no because the stuff in that place was kind of high. But I kept looking over at this store that had nothing but baby items in it. My dad (I actually didn't see his face, but I kept calling him dad and it sounded like my dad) stopped to take care of some business. So A wanted to sit down because of an injury to his left knee (A does play football), but this injury was new, as in he just had surgery. So one of the other vendors let him sit down in the chair. I'm still pregnant, due to drop any day now and I'm getting tired of standing up. So A offers me a seat on his lap. I sat on his right leg right in the middle of this mall. People thought it was cute, because A was rubbing my belly and we were being all cutesy!! Then I felt the "The South Rising" and I started to tease A about it and messing with him but in a discreet manner right in the middle of this mall.

It ticked my dad off. Funny thing is, I never saw my dad's face in this dream, you know how you have a dream with someone in it, but you never actually see their face? This was how he was in the dream. I'm guessing it was for a reason that I won't state here!! As I'm sure my cousin or let alone my uncle in Nashville will do another google search on my name to see where I am or what I am doing and then go tell him what I said in this blog. Funny thing is, they can't pick up a phone or send an email, but that's how they keep up with what's going on in my doing web searches and finding false info and then going on to report what they "saw". Sad, but that's why I don't really associate with that side of my family!! :-) I don't feel connected to them at all.

Today has been a rather busy day. I walked to Crap-Donald's and got me and J something to eat for lunch. Then I stopped and talked to Lisa for a bit and helped 2 Spanish guys figure out how much they were supposed to give her for their purchase. It was crazy because both me and Lisa were trying to figure out how to say "Ten" in Spanish. Then one of them asked Lisa to go out or something and then she said "Wife" in Spanish and the guy got embarrassed. You know what they say about those Spanish guys!!!

After my walk to Crap-Donald's, I came home and ate and finished cleaning the entire house. I am proud to say that I cleaned this entire place thoroughly in one day!! At least I accomplished 99.99% of it. I just put this on the market, so a few people want to come by and look at it over the next few days. I can't wait to get the hell away from here.

Tonight is going to be nothing but rest and tv. With food thrown in there of course. What I plan on eating, I have no idea!! I hope I have some more of those Chicken Strips left. I haven't had those in a few days. I need to polish off the bag and finish that Macaroni Salad before it goes bad. I'm glad I didn't get the 5 pound container!!

I Sleep With A Frog!! :-)

For the past month or so, my 5 year old has put a little pillow at the end of my bed and has put his favorite stuffed animal on top of that pillow, facing towards the television. He says that the frog has to sleep in my bed with me. I think this is the cutest thing in the world. Even if my son comes and sits with me for awhile before going to his own bed and he forgets the frog, he will raise Holy Hell until he gets that frog, he will turn every light in the house on and look for that frog and come and put it on that pillow. This is also the same frog that I once showed apicture of my son with. He carries it on his shoulder a lot.

We got this frog back in June after a family day of shopping where everyone got what they wanted. He picked the frog out of F.Y.E and said he wanted it and it has been right by his side ever since. I'll post that pic on my private blog, as my stalker has seemed to make a comeback. She (I'm 99.9% sure it's the same pathetic bitch as last time) seems to be on my ass again, or at least thinks she is. But she is far from it. I wonder if she still gives Nyquil to her sick dog Max??? If she's reading this, then she knows she's been outed. I could spill more of her dirty little secrets, but I'd be stooping to her level and I'm above her. :-)

Also, nothing major to report on the baby front!! Still just relaxing and taking it easy for the most part. I did defy docs orders and took a walk yesterday. I was gone for about an hour, but I had something that I needed to get at the store and the weather didn't look like it was going to cooperate, so I went early and I ran into Lisa. She asked J if he was ready for his sister to come out and he did the "I don't know" thing. So cute.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Update On Things!!

I failed to mention yesterday that my doc now has me coming in on every Thursday, this is due to my medical issue. He will start to monitor me very closely and do internal exams because of this medical thing I have going on and will be sending me to the hospital on a Thursday.

He told me to make sure that I come in on Thursdays, so that if something is not normal, he can send us to the hospital on a Thursday and Taylor will be born on a Thursday or Friday, depending on how much of a Diva she wants to be. So within the next 4 or 5 Thursdays or Fridays, Taylor will be born. This puts things into a "Hurry Mode". Looking at a calendar, her birthday may be either: October 8th or 9th or October 15th or 16th. I will try to keep you all updated as much as possible and as far in advance as possible. But if I disappear around early October, you know why, I check this blog daily, so ifyou don't see a visit or post from me, you know where I am.

For safety reasons, because I do have a nut-ball in my family, I will not be listing where I'll be delivering, just in case she decides to snap and do something crazy. This skank is certifiable, even my uncle said she was and that's his wife. But i have to do things in a safe way because of her. i won't be listing the hospital I'll be at on here, but if I like you and trust you, I'll have no problem telling you. You should know if I like you or not, because you'll have the main email address that I use. if you don't have it, that means I don't like you!! LOL!! Just joking. But I'll have no problem sharing that info with certain people, so email me if you want the name of the hospital for flowers or phone calls or something.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Today Part 1!!

Woke up very tired today. Had to get up at 6am on account S has to be at school by 8am. Woke him up and laid on the sofa to get some rest and ended up falling back asleep for a little while. Then decided to get up and get the ball rolling on the day. Ran through a few of the sites and realized I hadn't updated the pageant calendar in some time, so I had to organize and cross reference a lot of the dates and info I had on there. I finally got it all settled out. Now everything is good. Just have to make sure I run through the sites one more time today, after I really get going to make sure I didn't leave anything out. Also have to make some hard paper applications for each event, that way if something happens with the coding again people will be able to apply. Which reminds me, I still have to process two more applications for entry into their respective events.

I'm going to try to get as much done as possible during this week so that I can start to relax and get things in order. After this week, we'll only have 3 more weeks and a couple of days left before I can be induced. Which basically means, my jacked up sleeping schedule is about to come to an end and be even more jacked up (For those that don't know...jacked up = messed up)!!

Well, I must go and clean now. Nesting instinct is kind of kicking in and I at least want to get one room done within the next 30 minutes and have at least half the house finished by the time noon comes. TTYL!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today's Doc Visit!!


I went to the doctor today. I'm figuring Saturday was a good day to go because he normally does not go to the hospital unless a patient of his is in labor. I should have known as I was about to cross over I-90/94 near the hospital and saw him in his van going towards the hospital at 9:30 in the morning that he was not going to make it in at his normal time. But wishful thinking on my part, was also hoping that whoever was in labor would deliver fast and he could get on his way to the office. I got there super early after rushing to get ready about 15 minutes before leaving out the door.

I stood outside for about 10 minutes and got in. A nice young lady (I say that as if I'm old as heck) let me sign up first. I got signed up and got my stats taken. B/P was 121/68...temp was a little elevated, but that was to be expected as this weather has been acting crazy and I'm getting over something...and what was the weight??? 190 pounds!! I went up some since the last visit a few days ago. I was shocked as heck. I didn't expect that in over a months time, I would put on about 8 pounds, but I did.

I sat back out in the waiting room...the new girl put me out there instead of in the exam room. About 30 minutes later, I get called into the exam room to wait for the doc. And I waited, and I waited...and I waited. Finally his wife comes in (she's a doc as well) and asks me what I'm there for. stomach is the size of two basketballs put together and I'm sitting in the room with the U/S machine...what do you think I'm there for? So I tell her and she asks me how far along I am and I tell her. She decides to let her husband (my regular doc) see me. Just great!! So I waited and waited and waited!! I made and received several phone calls. Including one from my 12 year old that Lindbloom was on fire (Lindbloom is a school in my area)..turns out it wasn't, but a house very close to it was!! So I wait and wait and wait...the dd of the patient after me started singing some songs from Sesame Street and that put me in a foul mood!! I wanted to tell her to shut the hell up. But she just kept going and going. I thought I heard the doc a few times, but I didn't.

Finally, a little after 12:30pm, he waltzes in and comes straight to the room I'm in. Then he asks me if I had gone to another hospital to take care of a minor medical issue I have. I told him I never got the referral and he seems shocked about this. So he does the U/S. I saw little Miss Taylor's heart beating very well. And I saw her Chrome Dome!! She is growing very well and is a very big baby. He tells me that she is doing well. Then starts to get on my case a bit, telling me how I should have made an effort to receive the referral. Well excuse me Doc...but you were the one that was supposed to give it to me. I had no idea it had been sitting in my file for almost a month. He tells me I'm playing with fire. Well, his uneducated staff knew when it came in. His uneducated and ghetto ass staff knows my home and cell phone, so they should have called me and let me know it came in.

Moving forward, I got the referral and have to place a call on Monday to make an appointment for a biopsy thingy or whatever it's called. I get home and all is well at home, except the kids failed to tell me of the little incident that happened while gone. Seems as if the two older boys were playing around and the 12 year old got hurt a bit. How did I find out? The little 5 year old goes into the room of the oldest one and I hear him say "Yall forgot to tell mama what happened today!". So I'm sitting there waiting for someone to open their mouth and they didn't, so I go "What happened?" and I found out. If it wasn't for Little Mister Snitch A Lot, I would have never known. I knew I forgot to tell them "No Playing Around" before I left!! :-)

I'm gone for now, I'm tired as heck and need to take a little nap before I start on dinner.

Before I forget, finally had some of that cake last night and it was good!! Wish I had ice cream to go with it. Have to eat another slice after dinner today!!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Not A Good Night!! Part 1

Last night was not a good night. I was in the bed watching the McCain acceptance speech and either I was really tired or he was really boring. I did see quite a few protesters let their voices and views be known. McCain attempted to crack jokes, but they bombed seriously. I didn't hear him talk about any issues, hopefully he did, but I fell asleep before he did or maybe he jsut didn't talk about them at all. Much like Palin, great speech..very entertaining...but didn't talk about the issues at all!!

Anyways, I feel asleep halfway through the speech and woke up at 1am, couldn't get back to sleep right away, so I got up and was up until about a little before 3am. Then I had to wake up at 6am to get the kids ready for school. So I'm just really tired right now. Last night and this morning, I've been suffering from indigestion like no other!! I've had acid reflux for well over 12 hours now and Pepto is out of the question for now.

So as soon as the last kid walks out the door, I'm going back to sleep to try to catch up on some sleep. I think all I need is a little nap and I'll be okay.

I talked to Wolfy yesterday, he called me while I was handling some business yesterday morning. Funny, we talked about Manny and I told him about the incident with the birthday card and he laughed and told me about his psycho now ex-gf!!

I'll try to post again today, but I don't know if I will. I have a docs appointment in the morning to check for position, amino fluid level and other things, as I think I'm leaking amnio fluid, but not sure. The doc will tell me. I'm hoping that he doesn't send me back to the hospital, but then again, it's some un-interrupted rest that I'll get, with the exception of the hospital staff doing their jobs.

So with that said, I need to get the kids prepared and ready just in case I have to spend a night or two or more in the hospital. Will talk to you later!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Babie's Cake!!!

Well here it is. I forgot all about it and was reminded by a fellow preggo Mocha that I had a cake. So here is the picture. Nothing spectacular, but at least it's something.

Got My Cake Today!!

Today I got the cake for Taylor's Mini Baby Shower!!!! It will be a very small in-house baby shower. Since we have just about everything we need for her, with the exception of her car seat and some additional onesies and socks.

I'll be sure to post a photo of the cake and everything once we start the celebration, which probably won't be until later on today. Maybe like 4 or 5pm.

Will post more later, didn't get much sleep last night and this morning, so I'm kind of beat!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st Day of School, Huge Boycott!! How is it going to be?

Today is the 1st day of school for the remainder of the Chicago Public Schools that are not Track E (year round schools). Senator Rev James Meeks or is it Rev. Senator James Meeks? he has two titles so I don't know which one goes first or if you use both of them. But anywho. He is a new state senator and also the Reverend of one of our new mega churches here in Chicago called the HOuse of Hope, which is located on aobut 114th or 115th and Cottage Grove. Well he is concerned about the lack of school funding for the Chicago Public Schools, so he has been calling for a boycott of at least the 1st day of school and possibly the 1st week of school for all Chicago Public Schools that were to start today. I don't know how many kids are signed up for this boycott, I heard the numbers were like 10,000 or so...keep in mind that this is not a lot when there are over 380,000 kids in the entire school system. I found out that Illinois schools are ranked #47 in the nation when it comes to school funding. That means 46 states provide more money that our schools do. I've always had an issue with schools in this city.

Senator Meeks has plans to take busloads of kids (high school age) up to New Trier H.S in Winnetka and try to register them there. Apparently, there is some law in the books that state if a child feels that their education is inferior or that their life is in danger in their current school district, they can tranfer to another district and pay an Out of District tuition. Not many parents know about this because it isn't that widely known or spoken about.

While I don't agree with Senator Meeks methods, I do agree with his message. All schools need to be funded equally...regardless of where a child is. But in order for our CPS students to get more school funding...guess what has to go up? Property taxes. And they have already gone up in Cook County and are very high, which explains the high rate of Property Tax Sales.

I don't know how it's going to turn out, but we shall see on the news today.

On another note:

I woke up not feeling so well this morning, have a feeling that a cold is coming on. Throat was sore and sneezed a few times this morning. Bad thing is, I cannot take any medication for anything...not even a simple headache. I've passed the cutoff week of 32 weeks, so no drugs going into this system unless it's Cervadil, Pitocin, Stadol or an Epidural!!

On a good note, I have not had any contrations in about a day!! This weekend was so full of them that I thought Little Miss Taylor was going to make an early debut, but being the drama queen that she is, she had to act out to make everyone get on their jobs and do what they have to do so that we are all prepared for when she comes. But she's cooling out now and has been relaxed the last few hours. Especially since I've cut down on a majority of my activities. We'll see if she stays put another 5 weeks. I think she's coming before then, but we will see.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Duhhh....26 Days!!!

Okay, so yesterday I was posting about how my birthday is like 28 days away. I was counting yesterday as well. It was actually 27 days away yesterday, thus making today only 26 days away to my birthday!! I tell you...with Pregnesia (a well documented disease..:-), getting older and running around here getting things ready for Taylor's arrival...I'm just loosing my mind over here.

I have to re-do my schedule for the next few weeks and keep on track, or else I'm going to be all screwed up. I don't have much to post right now. Just watching live reports on Hurricane Gustav, looks pretty minor right now, but who knows how it will actually turn out. It's a natural disaster, so only God knows how it will turn out.

Talk to you later!! Should have a new pic sometime this weekend, but not making any promises!! :-)