Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Virus & Teeth

I have been away for a few days due to a very nasty computer virus that would not let me get beyond the "Welcome" screen forWindows XP. Apparently I got the virus on the 18th of March. I don't know what I was doing that day or who else was on the computer that day.

Anywho, little Miss Taylor is doing fine. She is getting so much bigger and will have a doc visit very shortly, so we will be able to see if she is gaining weight. She seems so light to me, but maybe that is because I pick her up and hold her all of the time.

She loves to eat cereal, pears, apples and even squash. The first spoonful makes her get that "Ewww" face, but after that, she's eating like a pro. Every other feeding is switched between cereal and some other food. Right now, she is due for either pears or squash at her 1pm feeding.

And guess what? She has teeth!! Okay, one is still a few weeks off from appearing and the other one is about a few days away. It is sitting right below the gum and is just waiting to pop out. She has been drooling so much lately and has been chewing on her little fingers to no end.

She also knows how to scoot wherever she is laying and also knows how to flip over onto her back and back over to her stomach. She also has the legs of a Radio City Rockette!!! I've been saying that ever since she started moving in my stomach. But now, she just spends minutes upon minutes just kicking those little legs. It tickles her when she does it because when I see it, I just start saying "And kick, and kick...1, 2, 3". She loves that and starts laughing. Real laughing, not baby giggling, but outright laughing.

Her first photo session is coming shortly. On the 10th. Excited about that. Looking for an outfit for that now.

She can also sit up a bit, but only if she's leaning forward to the point where her stomach is on her legs. She will sit like that for a minute and then fall over.

I have a few pics to share, but have to get them off the camera and onto the computer. I have no idea when I'll do that, but it will be shortly.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Very Busy & Okay..1 Pic

I have been very busy personally and work wise and haven't posted here since yesterday. Taylor is looking so cute today. She has two little ponytails in her head today. Her big brother D put them in for her, they totally do not go with her outfit at all. She has on a pink and white striped sleeper and the ponytail holders in her hair red and white (one is red and one is white). I'm sad to say, but she doesn't have that much hair!!! LOL!!! When I found out I was having another girl, I just knew she was going to be born with a lot of hair. People are telling me that it's short for now, but when she gets older that it is going to grow. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it does.

Taylor is feeling better today, seems to be a coming and going sort of thing. She was really better the next day, I can't remember when she last sneezed and she has no runny nose. She is just a bit cranky and chewing on her fingers on the left side of her mouth, so I am thinking a tooth is going to crack through her gums sometime soon.

She did the cutest thing today, we got Mickey D's for lunch today...I know...if you read my weight loss blog, this was so against everything. But I was sitting on the bed and had her propped up on a pillow and I just put a french fry on her pillow since she was watching me. At first, she just looked at it. But a couple of minutes later, she did the cutest thing. Me and her 2 older siblings were in the room all talking and Taylor is looking at the tv, but her left hand is going towards the fry and she is slowly pulling it towards her and she puts it right in her mouth. All this time she is still staring at the tv, she sucked on the fry for a minute. It was just too cute!!

Well as promised, here is one recent pic of Taylor. I know I said I would not put one here, but a lot of the visitors do not have Myspace or Facebook and one pic isn't going to do any damage.

She was so happy in this pic, I thought I would never get her to smile for the camera, but she was being silly baby that day I took this.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Good Night

The little one must have been tired as heck, as she slept through the entire night. She only fussed around 5 or 6 am this morning and by the time I got back to the bedroom to bring her bottle to her and change her, she had gone to sleep and was sleep for another two hours before finally waking up.

She has had her bottle with cereal. I have also spoon fed her some cereal and apple sauce, bathed her and changed her clothes and diapers and now she is happily playing with her doll.

I have tons of new photos of her, but because of certain individuals, I will not post them here. You must be a friend of mine on Myspace or Facebook in order to see them. Sorry, but have to do what I have to do.

Today is going to be a low key day. Don't have any major outside plans. Wanted to take Taylor for a walk or go somehwere, but still do not have a stroller and it's kind of cold outside. So we are pretty much in the house for the weekend. Just waiting on a 60 degree plus day. I guess i better spin the day shopping for her Easter dress.


Friday, March 13, 2009

She's Got The Cooties & Spoon Feeding!!

Well...it's official...the little one has her first cold. I knew that it would eventually get around to her, everyone else has had it excpet for me. Every kid in this house has had it, her daddy is now sick and now she is sick. She sneezed like 8 times in a row and when I went to look at her face, she had a snotty (sorry about that) nose and it was all red and her eyes are all puffy and watery. I'm not even sure what to do for babies when they have colds, since they now say under 6 months of age and they get no medicine or anything. Will just take it day by day.

She had a really good lunch of Applesauce...or was it Pears?? Some Oatmeal cereal (for babies) and some formula and now she is out like a light. I'm sure it will be blowing out the other end soon!! LOL!!!

She did another cute thing today, she was blowing spit bubbles and making that sound with her mouth, so I'd do it and then she would do it and look at me. Then I'd do it, and then she'd do it again. We went back and forth like this for about 5 minutes. She wouldn't do it if I didn't, but when I did, she did. I'm wondering what else she can mimic??

Well..that is it for today. Take care and remain blessed.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Small Update

Not much has been going on with the little one. She has just been getting bigger and bigger as the days go on. She is also still a silly little baby. I just got a new camera yesterday and snapped some photos and she would not smile for me at all. But once I shut the camera off, then she would smile at any little thing. The sleeping is going good, still sleeping until about 5 or 6 am. If she has a cereal bottle at night, she will sleep later in the day. If she doesn't then she is going to wake up early.

I'm just waiting for the weather to break for the season (get warmer on a daily basis) before I take her outside. Some kind of illness has been passing around, so she has been sneezing a lot lately.

Other than that, everything is good.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Silly Girl!!

This morning, Taylor got ready to go visit her family out in the Western Burbs, her daddy put the car seat base in the car and came in the room and saw Taylor on the bed touching and slobbering all over the remote and he said something to her and she just turns and looks at him like "What The F**k Are you looking at?" and then she gives him this smile.

She'll be spending the night out there. Mommie needed a break and needed to get some work done.

Her ear piercing has been put off, I thought I'd be more mobile by now. But I'm not, plus still waiting on her stroller to come in and then we will go and handle that. Plus, I want to gain some more strength in my leg. It isn't that sturdy right now and I don't want to push it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Her First Dolly!!!

Last night Taylor got her first Dolly. The doll actually says "Baby's First Doll". It's a cute little thing, I have to buy a camera and take photos of it. She loves it, as it seems to have a rattle in it's head.

She slept pretty well last night. This was after having a 30 minute cry session a bit after 8pm. She slept for about a half hour before waking up and then she ate around 10pm and went to sleep right after that and slept through the night. We are going to start on some other sort of fruit or vegetable today.

Will post more later.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WIld Child!!

Taylor is really an unpredictable baby. Once she gets on a pattern and you get used to it, she completely throws you off and gets into some sort of other pattern. Last night, we did the normal routine of changing, feeding, burping and quiet time. She goes to sleep at about 10:30pm and wakes up a little after 11pm, and she stays up until after 1am. As I was moving around the bedroom, she would just follow me and I would look at her and talk to her and say "What are you doing up little girl?" and she would just smile. I ended up just turning the television and light off and I could hear her moving around in her crib before she ended up going to sleep. I am sure I went to sleep first!!!

She is still sleep now as I knew she would. Have to get her up soon or she is going to be soaked. Have to reschedule her 1st photo shoot. I'm shopping around, I like the Kiddie Kandids people, but can't find a easy location to get to. I also like a few of the cheaper studios, I don't know. We will see. I'll see if I can get something set up for the house.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marathon Sleeping and Bears Outift

Taylor had a marathon sleeping session overnight. She went to sleep around 10pm and woke up at 8am. She slept straight through. I guess the cereal is really doing a number on her. Not a single whimper at all.

She has on her Chicago Bear's outfit right now. The pink sleeper thing that her daddy got her. It is funny because when she first got it, I would put it on her for every Bear's game and they won. One night, I forgot to wash it and the next morning when I remembered that the Bears were coming on, it was too late to wash it and dry it, so I said "Forget it" and they ended up losing that game and that was the game they needed to win. Spooky hunh???

Monday, March 2, 2009

Brief Update

I got my cast off today. I'm super excited, but now my ankle area is sore as heck. The doc did some sort of thing to test it to see if I would need a walking boot or not, he sort of flexed it up and did it so hard I almost jumped off the table. But now that part of my foot is sore. I guess I have to get used to having it taped up and in such a confined space for the past 41 days. I honestly thought I would have 2 more weeks of being in a cast before he would take it off. But he came into the exam room all happy, shook my hand and told me he saw the x-ray and it looked good, so the cast was coming off today. I still have a little crack in my fibula, which is why he does not want me to put full pressure on it. Happy that he took my cast off, but still kind of upset because any trips to the mall are out for at least another 2 weeks. Can't do that much walking now, but can put some half-pressure as he says on it.

Anyways, while calling the house to have them call a cab to take me home. My mother told me to stop by the Gift Shop and by Taylor a toy. So I went straight to the stuffed animal section and was bombarded with about a million toys. I saw everything under the sun. I had a hard time selecting what to get for her. I narrowed it down to a white unicorn with a rainbow horn thingy and a cute little pink piggy. Since I'm always calling her my little piggy on account she snorts when she is about to start crying, I thought that would be the cute thing to get her, so I brought it. I took a picture of it with my mother's dinosaur camera, so once she gets the film developed then if I don't have a digital camera by then, I'll just upload that pic and show you guys.

Not much else to report except for Taylor is now taking cereal in her bottles. And her feedings have been upped to about 6 or 7 ounces per feeding and she is handling those well. She has not spit up in more than a week or so. SHe also had about 2 or 3 tablespoons of cereal yesterday. I had it on a plate and was feeding it to her and she ate it really well. I then followed up with a bottle with a bit of cereal in it. She is really liking it.

Will post more tommorrow.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Only One Wake-Up, Blowout #2, Solids and Pageantry.

I have quite a bit to say this morning, because tommorrow will be busy for me, so I won't have a chance to post in the morning and by the time I get back from the Ortho, I'll be too tired to post. Anywho...

Only One Wake-Up: Taylor did surprisngly well last night. She went to sleep around 8pm and woke up at 3am. I wanted to wake her at 10pm to change her and feed her so that she'd stay asleep for a good part of the morning, but I was too tired myself so I didn't. So she woke up at about 3am, got her diaper changed, ate and was out like a light and she has been sleep since. She did a bit of whining about an hour ago, but I sat there to see if she would go back to sleep and she did. So I have a bottle and diaper ready for her when she wakes up, which should be any minute now.

Blow-out #2: Miss Taylor also had blowout #2 yesterday. Remember that cute pink outfit I was talking about yesterday??? RUINED...well not really...I was able to get it clean somewhat after extensive soaking. Have to keep soaking it in order for it to be back to normal. I had to have assistance this time because she is at the point where she puts her hands down there when I'm changing and I did not want her to get this poo all over the place. But she took the clean-up really well as one of her big brothers was holding her hands and she just kept looking up at him and smiling. It was her favorite big brother that was helping me.

Solids: Today we will have a mixture of cereal and applesauce together. I want her to try both of them together just to see how she'll respond to it. But so far she is liking whatever she is given.

Pageantry: As some of you may or may not know. I have a huge pageantry background. From competing, to coaching to directing. I'm now more into directing more than anything and when I found out I was having a baby girl this time around...yeah...that thought ran across my mind more than a few times. But I put that thought out of my mind out of respect for her father who is/was so set on getting her into basketball. I joke that he had her drafted for the W.N.B.A before she was even born. Well....I'm thinking she could do a pageant or two here or there. So far, I have entered her into the My Girl U.S.A pageant (online pageant) and the American Rose pageant. She was awarded the title of Baby Miss Chicago for the My Girl U.S.A pageant and we applied for the title of Teeny Miss Chicago Rose (I think that is the title..not sure). I was also looking into the Universal Royalty pageant, but may wait for an actual live event. I want her to enjoy the best of everything that is out there for her. Pageants can be a fun thing if done the right way and not in an excessive manner. I don't want to go overboard like some pageant moms do. I think I can be a low key pageant mom.