Thursday, December 11, 2008

P.P.D??? Things are getting better!!


I was told by someone the other day that they thought I am/may be suffering from P.P.D, because I get super emotional lately and I don't let the fact that the baby cries bother me. I've always been a very emotional person. Very blunt, up front and to the point. I don't mince words and have on occasion told people in positions of authority where they could go with that authority (just showing you that I don't care who a person is, if I have something to say, I'm going to say it!!). But lately, I've been really up and down. I'll be okay, then I'll get so mad at something and then I'll go into a "F**K It/You" phase, then I'll start thinking about that thing and I'll go into a phase where I'm analyzing things a bit too much...then I'll go into the "Sad Weepy" phase and then I'll go into the "Everything Will Be OKay" phase. All in a span of a few hours. I was also told this because although the baby is going through a Colic phase thing, that I don't let her crying get to me like I used to. I also don't think this is P.P.D and I say that because, I've sort of put myself on a schedule to where I'm up when Taylor goes through her "Fussy Period". Plus, I know that I've done everything in my power to make sure that she is dry, fed, burped and not in pain. And once I've done that, if she is still crying and can't be consoled, then I just swaddle her and put her in her crib and go and do something else. I don't think that's P.P.D, I think it is just something where I know I can't console her and I know what's wrong and it's impossible to console her or any other baby going through it. So I just have to let it be.

But I promised this person that I will talk to my doc when I go and see him next weekend. I something is wrong, then I'd like to nip it in the bud. But I don't think it is. I think anything I was going through where I wasn't like myself, then it was lack of sleep and I'll chalk it up to that until I hear/know otherwise.

I have gone through P.P.D before. Last pregnancy I went through it really bad. So I know what it looks like and this isn't it. Last time around, i lost almost 40 pounds in one month. From the time I gave birth until a 4 week period afterwards. This was including weight I loss from having the baby. But I'll keep you updated.

On to other things!!

As much as I try to keep Taylor on a schedule. The little woman just does not allow it to happen. She'll do good and will do her eat, burp, change, play and sleep cycle for 2 times and then that 3rd time, she just stays sleep and throws the schedule off. We are now on a 12-4-8-12 schedule, a few hours ago..we were on the 11-3-7-11 schedule.

Update on Park Forest House!!

I know I keep switching back and forth as to what hose I want. But I can't help it. With a major decision like this and plenty of people having input on what we do. I go back and forth. But I think the decision as to the Park Forest has already been made. This was the house that I was going to aim for. I had my target on this house. But I just found out the other day, that someone will possibly be moving in on Friday. I had sent the lady an email letting her know how interested I was in it and how it was perfect for the family. But she let me know about the family who could be moving in. She then let me know that if things didn't work out with this family (she accepted their application, but had some reservations), then I would be first in line of people she would contact and if we had not put in a bid and moved into some other house, then we would be able to get it. But once I found out the house was possibly gone, a new #1 popped up. That is the house under the flight path for Midway airport. Only $100 more than Park Forest, still in the city. So we'll see how things go.

Have to go now. Will post later.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tough Start To The Week

We are only on day 3 of this and already it's a rough one, just with Taylor alone. I finally sat back and looked at all the times she's been fussy and it always seems to hit at the same times. That 3am-7am stretch is the worst. Don't get me wrong, she has her good days where she just eats and goes back to sleep during that time-frame. But the last 2 days were not like that. She seems to want to stay up during those times and we simply can't accommodate that physically. I would hate to change my sleeping pattern so that I could be up for her at that time, only to have her change it back around. Last night into this morning was the worst is has ever gotten. Taylor slept maybe 3 hours from 11pm-8am. She was doing that go to sleep and wake up 10 minutes later thing. I've been keeping her on a really good feeding schedule, so that she isn't eating more than she should. She is on the 11-3-7-11 schedule. She's sleeping like a rock now and when she wakes up, it's schedule time. Better yet, I need to wake her up at 10:30 am, bath her and feed her at 11am. I need to get her on a schedule, we were doing that, but when she goes out to B-Brook..her schedule is thrown off so much.

Also she has been super gassy lately. I mean really a poot-butt. And her stools have been off lately. Plus she spit up about 2 ounces of her 3am feeding this morning. I fed her, burped her really good and changed her diaper and picked her up to put her in her crib and I didn't even get to put her down and that 2 ounces came up. She was so cool about it, like it didn't even bother her. So she's going back down to 4 ounces until she starts to feel a bit better. Maybe we've been feeding her too much?? We'll see how she does with the 4 ounces and when she gets better, we'll go back up to 6 ounces.

She's been sporting a "Baby Mohawk" the last few days. I washed her hair and didn't brush it back down like it normally is. But I'll play with it at the top and brush it into a curly Mohawk. She's sporting it in one of the photos below, but the lighting is bad. I swear she thinks she's a "Rocker Chic". :-)

Well, I have some calls to make and some tasks to complete. I will try to post more about the day later. Take Care!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rather Normal Week!!!

Had a rather normal week. Taylor wasn't off schedule and didn't have any major problems this week. I actually slept really well for the 1st time in a long time with her being here. I just pulled her into the bed with us instead of having her in her crib and she seemed to just love being right up under me. Many people have said that she is spoiled, I don't see it at all. She just sleeps better right there. I don't know if it's because the bed is softer or she knows that I'm right there.

It is quite snowy and cold here in Chicago now. It's been snowing for a better part of the day. I ran to get the mail and had a nice little surprise in it. I had this small box in the mailbox. I knew what it was immediately, I ran back in the house and went straight to the room and got my camera and took a photo and this is what it was:

If you don't know what the photos represent. Then you obviously don't pay much attention to my blog!! :-) If you look closely, you will see that Taylor has a pink bracelet around her wrist. That bracelet represents the subject of the little button on the top of my blog. Click on it and read the entire blog, from the beginning and you will see what the bracelets represent and why I purchased one. I plan to purchase more.

As promised, I promised you an update on the housing situation. I've basically scaled it down to two different homes. Neither of them were mentioned weeks ago, these are two totally different homes. One is city and the other is suburb. Here's some info about them:

House #1

In a very upscale south suburb. Excellent school system. Very diverse neighborhood. Close to where my mother lives, but far enough to where they would be forced to call before coming over. 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath, formal dining room, living room, nice kitchen. 1 car garage and fenced in backyard. It also has an enclosed 3 season front porch. Comes with appliances (stove, fridge and washer/dryer and I think a dishwasher). Leaning heavily towards this one.

House #2

Close to Midway area. Right up under a flight path. Good area. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, dining room, living room, kitchen. But it has no appliances and we would be required to rent the garage. Would be able to stay in the city. Love the area. Close to huge shopping.

We will make a decision by the end of this month. So stay tuned!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things Are Chugging Along!!

Little Miss Taylor is growing like a weed. I was sitting on the bed with her today and talking to her and playing with her, then I just looked down at her and realized how chunky she is getting. Every part of her is just growing all big and chunky. From her face to her little legs. She's my beautiful little chunky baby.

Taylor got to spend some time with her grandma today (my mother). I went to the grocery store and spent an insane amount of money. But my mother stayed behind and looked after Taylor and her big brother Jordan. I had just gotten in the store and was checking out the Barilla special they had going on and I head my phone go off. Now I had forgotten that I had set the ringtone for calls coming from the house as the same ringtone as text messages from T-Mobile. Why I did that, I have no idea!! I just know I kept hearing that tone and I thought they were sending me multiple messages, so I flipped open the phone to see what they were saying, but it was my mom. She wanted to know if she should feed Taylor on account she had woken back up and was fussing a bit. I told her it wasn't time for her to eat and to just pat her on the back and she should go to sleep. But she had picked Taylor up and was comforting her. If you know my mother, you would know she absolutely hates picking up little babies on account they are so small. But today makes the 2nd time in a week that she has picked up Taylor.

So I get back from the grocery store and my mother is just holding Taylor and talking to her and Taylor is just looking up at her. Taylor loves it when you hold her and talk to her. I wish I could have snapped a picture, but my mother would not have allowed it!!! She was telling me how well behaved Taylor was and how she only fussed when she couldn't see anyone or no one was talking to her.

I try to talk to Taylor as much as possible. We have Mommie/Daughter chat sessions during baths, diaper changes, feedings and just because. :-)

I am going to invent a holiday...actually two...and I want all of you who read it and are parents to celebrate them. For those with daughters....sometime during the summer, I'm going to set aside a July...that is going to be just for Moms and their Daughters. A Mommy/Daughter Holiday. Then in August, I'm going to have one for Moms and their sons. can set up something similar too.

Got to go, the princess is waking up and I've been really good about keeping her on a schedule, and I don't want to mess it up. Talk to you later. Have some good news to update you on in regards to a house!! :-)