Monday, September 15, 2008

Damn chocolate!!

I guess chocolate is not excluded from my diet. Chocolate seems to give me severe acid reflux. I ate a few dozen M & M's today, because I brought htis huge bag and wanted to finally finish them off. I ate some and now I'm paying for it. Only about 3 more weeks and 5 days of this to go. Hopefully, i can finally get through this and be done with it.

Still waiting on a very important phone call. Haven't gotten it yet. But hope it comes before 6pm, so I can rest at ease the rest of the day. Comcast is gone...WHOOP-DE-FRIGGIN-DO!! As soon as it went off, i said out loud "Watch they call in less than 5 minutes!". And sure enough, it was the dumb bitch Lupe who I've had more than one not so nice conversations with. She calls me and is like "Would you like to make a payment to restore your services?". Can you imagine what I told her? LOL!! if you know me, then you know what I told her. This payment she wants me to make is $45.00. I refuse to make it because we are about to leave this place and will be getting Direct Tv. So it makes no sense to pay for about 2 weeks worth of service, now does it? I told her "F**K No, I wouldn't like to make a payment and told her she can have a technician come and pick up the 2 boxes and the modems. She informs me that they don't do that anymore. Flat out frickin lie, because we once had the cable off for 2 days and who was at the door trying to get the stuff? A Comcast technician...or as Jordan calls them DUMBCAST!!! She says she was going to put in the notes that I am refusing to return the equipment, I told her to correctly put in the notes what I said and to stop being a lieing bitch and put what I actually said. That I am not lugging 2 boxes and a modem to some place, when they were delivered to me via a technician!! if that's how they got here, that's how they can be returned.

Then she offered to have DHL come pick them up but I would have to pay for the service. She must have been out of her damn mind!! I told her if they did not come and pick them up by the time we left, they would be outside or in the garbage and hung up on her!!

Hopefully I get some good news tonight. Keep fingers crossed!! :-)