Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Day Today!!

Today I woke up and expecting to go somewhere, but I didn't hear from someone. Once it got past a certain time, instead of sitting there any longer. I got up and went by myself. I went ahead to the bank and spent a great deal of time in there. Got part of what I wanted to do for the next couple of days done. Only a few more tasks left to do. Have to go to my regular bank and make a deposit and then go back on Monday to get the money so we can close on this property and get things done.

Then Tuesday is my appointment at Mt Sinai and then I'm free until the weekend. Then that's when the party begins! All weekend long!! I'm going to enjoy my special day, because it's probably going to be my last party time before having the baby. Have to do Taylor's shopping sometime soon. Probably next week. I don't see it happening this week if I go to the doctor this weekend. I'm looking forward to a good week coming up, leading up to my birthday. Things can only get better after that as well.

Don't have much to post right now, kind of tired. Need to take a nap for a minute and then start making plans for this week. They should have been written down a long time ago, but things happen. It's sad, but I have to make plans to write down some plans!! LOL