Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hospital Bag Is Packed!!

At least Taylor's portion is. And the bag is almost full. I'm sure if Dr S saw what I had to do to get the bag, he'd ship my behind back to the hospital. I don't think I did any heavy lifting, at least on my terms. But maybe on his. That closet also needed to be cleaned out, so I did as best as I could. I got all the diapers out and some left over baby clothes and it's in great condition now. I have pulled everything out that is going over to the new place. I don't know what I'm taking for myself. Probably my favorite pair of pants, a nice shirt and all the other things new moms are supposed to have and that I can't mention here.

I also have to go and stock up on batteries for the camera, crossword puzzle books and make sure my cell phone charger is in good working order. I have to put some money on the other part of the bill, so i can send text messages with pics on taylor once she is born. I'm sure Papa Joe will have his laptop with him, so we can watch movies and stuff. I don't know if he has a wireless thingy or if the hospital even has a wireless connection, but we'll see. I also have to put my USB cord in there and some money for extra things. All in all, we are about 98% done. Have to get the carseat, some extra diapers and formula and then we'll be at 100%. I'm getting ready to watch some tv, so I'll post tommorrow when I get back from the doctor. Seeing as how things can go at any day now, I had to use most of today to get prepared.