Saturday, September 13, 2008

Starting Off As One Of Those Days!!

Today is starting off to be one of the EVERYBODY AND THEIR DAMN MAMA IS MOVING SLOW AS HELL DAYS!! The kids were moving slow as hell, I don't understand why on earth it takes a person 2 hours to cook a small as breakfast, clean up and then they still have not put on their clothes. Their lateness is making me late and I hate to be late!!!

I don't know, maybe it's the weather. It finally stopped raining about an hour ago. But we have not seen the worse of it yet. Today is going to be one of those days where I'm going to try my hardest not to snap on someone. Hopefully, i can put a few thousand in my pocket this weekend, so I can take a break the rest of the year. This is wishful thinking, but I should be okay and not have to work until tax time next year. I really want to take the time off to bond with Taylor. I'm hoping that whoever I'm assigned to today doesn't ask me 1 million and one questions about something I just explained to them in detail. People should just shut the hell up and listen and then they could eliminate a bunch of questions they have.

Waiting on the 1st appointment to arrive, it's hard as hell typing this from the cell phone. But I may as well put some of these minutes to use. I can't even focus on schoolwork because I'm so irritated. I just wish the winter would come already,but then I'll probably be irritated because of that.