Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Important Update!!

I have been home for about 90 minutes now. Things were quite interesting today at Mt Sinai. Found out that my cx is a bit too pliable for the doctors there liking, so they immediately started talking C-section. They said if given a choice, I should elect to have a C-section. I volunteered for one and told them I would have a talk with my doctor. So me and Dr S have some things to discuss come Thursday. Looks like Taylor will be born earlier than expected. Don't have any firm details yet, but should know something by the end of this week.

Also, I have what is known as Moderate Dysplasia (CIN II). Was told by the doctors there after they had to have a conference call with my regular doctor, that I don't have Cervical Cancer as I thought I would have. But if this is not taken care of as soon as I have the baby, then in 5-7 years, it could develop into Cervical Cancer. So 6 weeks after I have Taylor (should I do it the regular way) I have to have a Colposcopy with a possibly Biopsy. If I have a c-section, then I can have it earlier. We won't start any possible treatment until after I deliver.

That's about all that happened today. I'm pretty beat!! Oh..one more exciting thing happened. We got to hear Taylor's heartbeat via doppler today. Turns out, she is head down with her back to my left side and her feet are spread out over to the right. So she is in position and set to come out, but not yet!!

Talk to you later!!