Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st Day of School, Huge Boycott!! How is it going to be?

Today is the 1st day of school for the remainder of the Chicago Public Schools that are not Track E (year round schools). Senator Rev James Meeks or is it Rev. Senator James Meeks? he has two titles so I don't know which one goes first or if you use both of them. But anywho. He is a new state senator and also the Reverend of one of our new mega churches here in Chicago called the HOuse of Hope, which is located on aobut 114th or 115th and Cottage Grove. Well he is concerned about the lack of school funding for the Chicago Public Schools, so he has been calling for a boycott of at least the 1st day of school and possibly the 1st week of school for all Chicago Public Schools that were to start today. I don't know how many kids are signed up for this boycott, I heard the numbers were like 10,000 or so...keep in mind that this is not a lot when there are over 380,000 kids in the entire school system. I found out that Illinois schools are ranked #47 in the nation when it comes to school funding. That means 46 states provide more money that our schools do. I've always had an issue with schools in this city.

Senator Meeks has plans to take busloads of kids (high school age) up to New Trier H.S in Winnetka and try to register them there. Apparently, there is some law in the books that state if a child feels that their education is inferior or that their life is in danger in their current school district, they can tranfer to another district and pay an Out of District tuition. Not many parents know about this because it isn't that widely known or spoken about.

While I don't agree with Senator Meeks methods, I do agree with his message. All schools need to be funded equally...regardless of where a child is. But in order for our CPS students to get more school funding...guess what has to go up? Property taxes. And they have already gone up in Cook County and are very high, which explains the high rate of Property Tax Sales.

I don't know how it's going to turn out, but we shall see on the news today.

On another note:

I woke up not feeling so well this morning, have a feeling that a cold is coming on. Throat was sore and sneezed a few times this morning. Bad thing is, I cannot take any medication for anything...not even a simple headache. I've passed the cutoff week of 32 weeks, so no drugs going into this system unless it's Cervadil, Pitocin, Stadol or an Epidural!!

On a good note, I have not had any contrations in about a day!! This weekend was so full of them that I thought Little Miss Taylor was going to make an early debut, but being the drama queen that she is, she had to act out to make everyone get on their jobs and do what they have to do so that we are all prepared for when she comes. But she's cooling out now and has been relaxed the last few hours. Especially since I've cut down on a majority of my activities. We'll see if she stays put another 5 weeks. I think she's coming before then, but we will see.