Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Blog Yet???

I can't believe that I have not blogged today at all. I have been kind of low key today, letting people know that I can pop at any day now. I got yelled at by my mom today...seeing as how I'm straddling the fence when it comes to delivering Taylor early or at a decent time...everyone thinks I should be sitting down. So once she found out that we were going out for breakfast, she told me I needed to sit my a** down. i told her I needed to go out to get some things, she said "What if the baby pops out and hits the ground?". I knew she was being funny, but she was also being a concerned grandma. I told her I would not be out long and when I got back, I would sit down. So that's what I've been doing 99% of the day today. Just sitting down and relaxing. Doing some work, answering and sending emails, just relaxing. Just getting ready for baby countdown.

It was funny when I was talking to my mom, because after telling her how I hated to be locked in the house on confinement..she told me to call my aunt and grandma to see what they would have to say about me going outside. Let's just say, that I have not called them!! LOL!!! I know how they are going to be. They are going to be just like my mom. So I have to listen to them somewhat. So Saturday (my birthday) will more than likely be my last day out, besides the move. After that, I'm putting myself on home bed-rest...only going out for doc visits, etc. Which from what went on yesterday, there shouldn't be too many if any more than 1 more doc visit.

That's all I have to post for now.

Oh wait...Did you know that Clay Aiken was gay? WOW...that was the big news of the day. Like we didn't already know that. SHeesh...who does he think he was fooling. He couldn't even fool a blind person. My Gay-Dar went off immediately on him. But to each his own.