Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hiccups, Back-Aches, Hot Water & More

Today was a late starting day. Taylor's normal 3 or 4 am wake up was pushed back and hour (her own doing) and she woke up a little after 5am. We did the normal of changing her diaper, feeding her (bottle) and Mommie/Daughter bonding time. She was up until a little after 6:30 am. We had a good time, it was quiet. No tv, just the light and us. We talked and talked (okay..I talked and she looked) about everything. She caught the hiccups and I felt bad because they were coming so quick. She didn't want to nurse last night, so I just gave her a bottle. She did the thing that I love the most and can't wait to get a picture of and that was lay on my chest and just look up at me while I talked to her. After awhile, I started to get sleepy and started nodding off, so I just put her down and went to sleep. She went to sleep quickly as I was rubbing her back. We didn't get out of the bed until a little after 10:30 am. Normally, I would have been up for 6 hours already, but not anymore!!! LOL!!

I also awoke to my all-time fave body lower back has started to act up again. Right in the same spot. I need to find out if I can see a Chiro, because I'm having those sharp lower back pains I'm known for. The ones that act up for a few days and then go away and then just pop back up.

Also, our hot water is back. I think I posted about that last night, not sure....but if I didn''s back. Really simple thing that even I could have done and I'm such a girly-girl...and this "Fix It" guy couldn't even figure it out.

If anyone out there knows a cure for newborns and hiccups, please let me know. Taylor gets these several times a day and they seem to just hurt so much..she doesn't cry or anything...but it just looks painful as heck. So if you know of anything, please email at: or