Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Afternoon Post

Taylor woke up and I immediately gave her a nice warm bath and had a bottle waiting for her. The bath was funny and I wish I had done it when someone else was here so they could have taped it. Taylor hit that water and was shocked at first, then she was like "Oh...this is cool!". But like the true little diva that she is, she through several fits and turned as red as can be. But surprisingly, she let me wash her hair and get all the nooks and crannies and I wrapped her up in her Winnie The Pooh hooded towel and took her to the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and got the lotion, so her skin could be nice and moisturized...and guess what she did? Yes...she pulled a straight boy move and peed all over one side of the bed (Not my side though!!). Me and J couldn't help but to laugh. I got Taylor all nice and dressed and fed her and she was out like a light again!!

She fell asleep in her fave position...right on my chest. i was burping her and had her head right over my heart and she was soon off into la-la land. She loves to lay in that position, that is the one that gets her to sleep quicker than anything. She was so deep in sleep, that I was able to put her down on the bed and go about my business. Which included making sure she can go to the doctor tommorrow, she can go and I'll have an update as to how much weight she has gained. Her face is definately getting chubbier. Her upper legs seem to be filling out a bit. I still think she's going to be a Radio City Rockette or Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader or something...that girl can kick like no other!! If not those two things, then a Pro Soccer Player or something else cool!!!

I will talk to you later, have to go and do some schoolwork and tend to the little lady.