Sunday, November 2, 2008

My God I'm So Freakin Tired!!!

Let's just say I am going on about an hours worth of sleep that I got this afternoon. I stayed up quite late last night and couldn't get to sleep at one point, so I just kept watching tv. Then the whole Daylight Savings thing kicked over and I got so confused....I still have not changed the clock in the bedroom. So it's reflecting 4:46 right now. Then Taylor was thrown off her schedule and did not wake up until about 5am and was up until about 7am, but then I had to get up to go to the grocery store, woke up too early as we ended up not going until later than normal. So I was up waiting to go to the grocery store and just when I started to nod off a bit, it was time to go. So we went and I actually felt kind of peppy. Like I didn't need any sleep. I came home and fed Taylor and later gave her a bath and changed her, as she was quite the stinky lady this morning.

Then about an hour after that, I started to crash. I got so tired that I was nodding on and off during the Bears game (they won). Then I just went to sleep. Only to be awaken by a phone call telling me that apparently I got some meat that belonged to my mother and she was coming to get it. Fine, i got the meat and handed it to her. Then I laid back down and got another phone call reminding me of some important business I have to take care of today, so I have to stay up at least until that duty is taken care of.

Now, I'm supposed to make two errands tommorrow and I don't know if they will get done at all. I highly doubt it. I am so not in the mood for going outside tommorrow now. I just want to catch up on my sleep. So maybe Tuesday, I will venture out with the two youngest rugrats and handle my business. For now, all I want to do is sleep.

Taylor seems to have grown on so many family members already. My two aunts (her two great aunts) have completely fell in love with her and have not even met her in person yet. They have seen pics and they are just so much in love. It's funny, because one aunt lives less than a 5 minute walk from where we are now and she's threatening to get her Yorkie and come over here and get Taylor. SURE!!!! One cry or one poopie diaper and she'll be right back here!! My aunt down south loves her and is prepared to show her off to an entire department down in Shelby County, Tennessee (I don't know which department, but she's getting ready to show all pics tommorrow). That reminded me that I have not been down there in so long, so maybe a trip down there is in the works. I don't know. It's not much to do down there and I'd only hang out with one person down there. We shall see. If I do that, then I can't take our family vacation. So I'm going to think very heavily.

That's it for right now. I need to get off this thing, it's making me sleepier. I need to adjust all clocks in this house or I'm going to be totally screwed in the morning.

Oh...and before I forget....I wanted to say a "Happy Birthday" to Miss Kaelyn. A very good friend of mine in California delivered her baby girl yesterday. I don't know how they are doing since I didn't get a text, but I'm guessing they are doing fine. Now Taylor has a friend to cut up with!! :-)