Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just Random Posting!!

Today was a lowkey day. It was absolutely freezing outside, so everyone kept themselves indoors. We were supposed to get a visitor today, but that did not pan out.

Anywho, today started off kind of late. Woke up around 10am or shortly after that. Got online for a minute and then started to get on with the day. Taylor took another bath today and she seems to love baths. She just hung out on my arm and let me wash her up really well. I washed her hair again and she just hung out like " I supposed to cry or something!" She only fussed when it was time to get dressed. I put on this outfit that she does not like, as you have to work with her arms and legs to get it in. It was the outfit she came home from the hospital in. Then she ate and was cool. Taylor seems to be on an every 3 hour cycle now. With a few bumps every now and then. But she generally wakes up every 3 hours and is fed, depending on what time it is, she may stay up for a bit or go right back to sleep.

Today was an easy day for her. Only 2 poopy diapers and a couple of wet ones. No tummy issues, which reminds me that I have to stock up on more nursery water for her. Her face is definately filling out and she's becoming a little chubsters. But she is no match for her fellow Chicago Mocha baby Isiah, who was born on Thursday and weighed a whopping 10 pounds and 4 ounces. YIKES!!!

She is asleep now, but I know she's going to wake up for her favorite tv program. The PBR World Championships!! :-) She wants to see Adriano and Guilerhme take on some big bulls!!

Trying to come up with an idea for the family vacation. Not really sure how much to budget for it or where to go. As we are planning on buying a house or condo very early next year. So depending on how early we buy, this could affect where we go and how much we spend. I know you are wondering or saying to yourself "They just moved!". Yeah...everyone knows it was only temporary and to remove ourselves from a housing situation that we had no control over. I want to buy as early as February, but that would mean uprooting the kids in the middle of the school year. Where I am really interested in buying is an entirely new school district. I don't know, the only alternative to buying in the same location would be to wait it out until the summer.

Have some thinking to do. Hope everyone is having a blessed weekend. Be safe!!