Friday, November 7, 2008

My Baby Girl!!

It is amazing how alert Taylor is. I haven't been around a 2 week old infant in over 5 years and to me it is just amazing how she will look you straight in your face and follow your voice if you are walking around the room.

Today, I had fun with her and tested out her hearing as well. I downloaded several ring-tones onto my cell phone and I played the ones that ring the most. She was facing one way and I had the cell phone on the other side of her and started going through the ones that ring the most and she turned her head and looked straight at the cell phone. I played the one that rings when her daddy calls or sends a text message (It had no affect on her). I guess she is used to hearing that one, as I used to play it to my stomach over and over again.

She's been a pretty good girl today. Hasn't really fussed at me too much!! LOL!!! But I feel that tomorrow she is going to pick it right up. My mom said she needs a red dress for her pics, I don't know if I want to go all "Christmasy" for her 1st pics. Is Christmasy even a word??? :-)

Did I mention that she's put on over a pound in the two weeks she's been here? If not, then yeah...she's putting on weight. If I did, excuse me...I'm a dingbat right now.

Spending so much time with Taylor and doing all this mother/daughter bonding...makes me want to have another one!!! :-) Okay...I'm joking and then I'm not joking!!! I would love to have another one, but that would have to be put off until I get my health issues under control. I don't want to have that "worry" that something will go wrong during the pregnancy. I want to have a "Worry Free Pregnancy", which is why I'm/We're going to wait until she is at least 1 year old and I have "normal" paps. Plus, my mom threatened my life if I have another baby during the school year!! LOL!! So the timing has to be perfect, plus, I want to enjoy the summer. I want to live life as a "Hot Skinny Chick". More about that later!!