Sunday, November 9, 2008

Easy and Very Cold Day!!

Today was a very easy and cold day. We really didn't do much of anything except watch the Bear's lose (again).

Taylor had a somewhat easy day. She finally got more nursery water and enjoyed her late noon feeding with that stuff. She quickly fell asleep in her favorite spot (on my chest of course) and slept there for awhile. Today was a lot of napping and long periods of being alert. I read about a cool trick you can do with newborns. If they are really quiet and alert, have them no more than 10 inches from your face and stick your tongue out at them!! Silly...I know...but try it. The thing I read says that they will mimic what you are doing within a few seconds. It works. If you have a newborn or young baby, try this with them. It's fun to see them do this.

Taylor also had a moment where she lost her mind. I guess she didn't like me fixing the bed this morning and talking about the condo in Justice, but when I put her in her carseat to fix the bed and everything, she made such a fuss that it was getting to the point of being very annoying. Turns out, she scratched the side of her face really bad while she was in the car seat. I have to cut those claws of hers.

BTW, check out my blog (starting tomorrow). I finally figured out what I wanted to do with a domain name I brought some time ago. It was going to be for a cotillion society, but due to a health issue...I have decided to use it for something else. A very good cause. More info will come later.