Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not A Good Night!!!

Last night was not a good one for me or Taylor. I went to sleep super early, as did Taylor. She didn't do her normal thing at 9pm, which is stay up for an hour or two. She instead went back to sleep. I fell asleep pretty early and woke up at midnight. Got a snack to eat and attempted to go back to sleep, but Taylor had other ideas and wanted to wake up. Fine, I fed her and changed her and she went right back to sleep. 2:30 am, she wakes back up, eats about 4 ounces..gets changed and goes back to sleep. What happens not even an hour later?? She wakes up and I figured that she couldn't be hungry, so I changed her again, patted her on the back in case she had gas, did everything under the sun..nothing worked. So I decided to make her a little bottle, just so she can eat a bit and go right back to sleep. I made a 4 ounce bottle, she eats 1 ounce and is out like a light.

What happens about an hour after that? J wakes me up with a very bad nose bleed. I handle that for about 15 minutes and fall back asleep at like 5am, what happens shortly after that? Major migraine sets in, but I don't take anything, as I had to be up in a few hours and get Taylor ready for a possible trip to meet her other grandma. So I try to get back to sleep...what happens at 6am? Taylor decides she wants to wake up again. Must have put the pamper on wrong as she was soaked, so I handled that. Fed her and put her back to sleep. 7am..migraine gets worse and I can't get back to sleep. Then Taylor starts to stir again..perfect. I decide to wait it out. She's good until about 8am. Then she starts up again and I'm like "If I get up, she's getting her bath as soon as I get out of bed.". She starts to cry even harder, so I get her bath ready and get all set up and go in the room to get her and she's out like a light. So I turn on the computer and "Bada-Bing", she's up. So I give her a bath (Today was not a bath day for her). I changed her and got her all dressed. And I go to fix a little bottle and come back and she has spit up on herself. So I clean that up and feed her a bit. I talked to her and let her know how my evening was and how I plan on getting some major sleep today. Then I put her in her Bouncy Chair so that I can clean up. I just checked in on her and she is knocked out. Let's see how long this lasts.

FYI, someone asked me why I don't have many pics up of me, Taylor, her father and the boys. I do that for safety reasons. Sometime ago, I seemed to have picked up a Web-Stalker from Australia, so I don't have many up because of that. I do have many on my Myspace profile and a few on my Facebook thingy. I choose not to post many of them here because that lady is a pure nut-case and she does not need to know the specifics of my life and see anything more than what she has already seen.

Need to go, have to get the boys up so they can clean up. Oh...did I mention..our hot water came back on last night. For some strange reason, it goes out when someone leaves for work and comes back on at night, when he decides to stay his bony behind in the house.

I so cannot wait for tax time, so we can get out of here. Last night, I almost "Went There" and I would hate to "Go There" so soon on him. That's why I need to remove myself from this place already, so I won't "Go There".