Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great Night Of Sleep!!

Overnight was the first night since Taylor has been born that I've spent time away from her. Taylor is out in Bolingbrook with her father visiting family out there and she spent a night. Naturally I was and will be worried about her until she walks through that front door. Okay..maybe she won't be walking herself, but you know what I mean.

I had a good night of sleep. Went to sleep around midnight and slept straight through until 5am, then I realized that Taylor was not in the bed. Of course, I panicked before remembering where she was. It was crazy, because I have absolutely no sense of time at all. So 5 minutes seems like an hour to me. She is coming back around 4pm today (after the Bears game of course, daddy is a huge Bears fan). Yesterday, when I found out what time she was coming back, I counted the hours..keep in mind I found this out around 5pm. So imagine counting from 5pm on Saturday to 4pm on Sunday. I counted 23 hours and was like "OH..MY GOD!!!! HOW AM I GOING TO GET THROUGH THESE HOURS????". Trust me...I took more than one nap and only managed to knock off about 3 hours. Did some school work which took another 1 hour off!! Now, I'm only down to about 2 1/2 hours. LOL!!! Let's just pray nothing happens to the truck or anything or else I'm gonna be walking to Bolingbrook!! :-)

Will post more later.