Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I would have had some more pictures to show but my camera is acting crazy again, Papa told me it was something with the batteries and how it needs a certain type of battery in order to work right. I don't know how correct that is, as I had some regular batteries in it and it worked very good for awhile. I don't have any new pics on it, so I'm not that worried.

Today is Taylor's first holiday. We are waiting on the candy to come to the house. Okay...I'm waiting on the candy, but still. I'll have some for her!! :-) Nothing new to report today. It was a pretty easy overnight. Taylor woke up at her normal time of about 3am and was up until about 5am before falling asleep on me and then going to her spot. She ate and got a diaper change and was out like a light. She's napping now. She got her first bath today and had another diaper change and ate about 5 ounces and has been sleep for about an hour or so. She actually let me take a shower today. Okay, a bird bath!! I couldn't stand getting into that shower with the water as cold as it was. And yes...we are still without hot water. I don't know what is being done about it. But my deadline is tommorrow and then I'm going to have to speak up in my normal way and that will get some action done. LOL!!!

I will post more later when I get back. Have to go and make some lunch. I'm pretty hungry.

Oh...some good news!!! I fit into some pants that I have never been able to button up. The size says 14 and they button up with no problem at all. I actually look pretty nice in some clothes that fit. Maybe if the camera gets better, then I'll take a pic. This is good for me to start my diet, great motivation. I won't dare try a size 12 right now!! I can't start my diet until after the holidays, so I won't be doing anything until then.

Take care and see you later.