Friday, November 14, 2008

Such A Big Girl!!!

My little princess is such a big girl, I have no doubt that within the next two weeks, she'll be sleeping through the night. She almost did it last night. She slept from about 9pm until almost 3 in the morning. This is by far the longest stretch she has ever had. Of course, she had to wake up and eat. But she fell right back to sleep afterwards.

She is enjoying some quiet time in her Bouncy Chair right now. She looks like she is about to fall back to sleep, if she can keep her binky in her mouth.

Have an errand to run in a few hours, so need to make sure I'm ready once my ride comes (yes...I said ride. I'm not allowed to do anything by myself and I made the mistake of telling someone I had something to do today and they will be here shortly to pick me up!! Me and my big mouth!! :-))