Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today Was So Worth It!!!


For all the parents out there. You know how they say your LO's don't do smiles on purpose until they are about 7-9 weeks old? Well...I swear that babies are doing it earlier. Today, I got Taylor to smile at me on purpose...twice!!! The first time, I fed her and was wiping off her chin and called her "Dribble Chin" and I grabbed her chin very lightly and said "Hey dribble chin!". And she let out the biggest smile she has done to date. It was from ear to ear. Dribble Chin is a name that I call her often as she always plays with her nipple on her bottle and holds milk in her mouth and then lets it fall out. She will be 4 weeks this Thursday.

The other smile, I was just talking to her and saying something totally normal and she smiled again. I was so happy and wanted to get it on camera, but you know that would have been hard to do.

As tired, stressed and moody as I have been today, seeing those two smiles have been so worth it. I cannot wait until she does it more often. She has such a beautiful smile if I must say so myself!! :-) But then I could be a bit biased, but hey..she does. You'll see it sooner or later.

Well..I must go now. Real Housewives of Atlanta is coming on and there are sure to be some exciting words on tonight's episode as all the wives are getting together. Even Shiree and Ne-Ne who can't stand each other!!

Also, before I go. Please send a Get Well Soon to Taylor's cousin M, he's in the hospital and not feeling well. THis is the little boy who asked me a somewhat adult question about me, his uncle and Taylor!! He asked if his uncle was the baby's father!! I couldn't help but to laugh at that. Just send him some "Get Well Soon's".