Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just A Regular Day!! (This was supposed to be posted yesterday the 19th, forgot what happened to it)

Not too much happened today, except I got some work done. Taylor was rather relaxed today only fussed when I was still getting the things ready for her bird-bath this morning and I would forget something and have to leave out to go get it. She had two big blow-outs today. I mean super huge blow-outs. Girly must have been holding back. I remember when she was having problems going (wrong consistency) and now, she has no problem at all.

Taylor is also now up to 6 ounces of formula per feeding. 4 simply was not doing it for her. Maybe that's why she has these big blowouts now???

Tomorrow I am going to start "tummy time" for her. I am going to see how she likes it. Tomorrow is bath day as well. Then we are going to start getting her on a schedule, so things will go easier. Normally, I would have had her on a schedule by now, but I just haven't done it. I was trying to let her set her own schedule, but it's not working, so tomorrow, I start to put her on one. We will see how well it goes. Hopefully, she will adjust well to it. if not, oh well!!! :-)

Today has been a hellish day for me. Just fed up with so much stuff from my family. I just know some things are going to change really soon for a couple of family members. I'm sure it will get better, I probably just need to keep my distance for a few days.