Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy & Trying Weekend

The past few days have been very busy and the last 24 hour or so have been very trying.

We went to my mother's for Turkey Day and it was okay. Boring and cold. Something is wrong with the heating system. After I ate the one plate I could barely manage to get down, I started to doze off. You do know that Turkey has something in it that makes you sleepy right?? :-) That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! But then I got cold, so I did the ol pull your arms in the sleeves thing and I had my coat over my head and I was out like a light!! I get cold very easily, when it's 60 something and I'm used to warmer temps, then 60 can feel like freezing. it was 70 degrees in that place, but I was still freezing. I guess you can probably guess that I like to blast the heat as high as I can take it.

We got home at a decent time. Taylor had some rough sleeping nights on Wednesday and Friday. She did the whole waking up within 15 minutes of going to sleep. She seems to be having some gas issues as she has been a little "Poot Butt" the past few days. Sometimes the girl does not burp after trying for 30 minutes or more. Friday night and Saturday night, I just decided to put her in the bed next to me, literally, she was right up under me. I would take her out of her bassinet, feed her, burp her and change her and lay her down next to me and she had no problems sleeping whatsoever. I also notice that if I don't put her to sleep with her binky, then she doesn't wake up searching for it or wake up when it falls out of her mouth. So I've been doing that. I swear I want to throw the binky's in the garbage, but sometimes they can be a life-saver.

Yesterday was a very trying day for me. Got into a huge blowout with Papa, lots of things were said and I thought it was so over and done with. At first, I was ticked to the highest degree, then I went into the "Screw It" phase and then went in and out of the "Sad, Weepy Girl" phase. As the night went on, it got worse and worse, then that phone rang that familiar ringtone and had a nice long talk. Actually, i think it was more of a scolding!! I have huge trust issues...MAJOR trust issues with everyone. It's easier for me to trust females. But with males...oh heck have to go through so many tests in order for me to trust you. Yesterdays breakdown, was all about my lack of trust or the level of trust I have with someone. that person didn't like it, but knew about it a long time ago, so I can't be blamed for it 100%. I am slow to trust any male 100%. But after talking for what seemed like forever, I got warned that the next time we get into it that he was bringing his boxing gloves. Cool...because I'm bringing my brass knuckles!!! I fight dirty!! :-) Just joking. I'm in a somewhat better mood today.

Before I go and take a rest...I've started a weight-loss's at:

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