Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tummy Troubles Part 2!!

Taylor seems to be going through some sort of tummy troubles again. Had to switch formula to see how things went. She has this period overnight where she is up form 1-5am, and she is having bouts of crying during that time. She can't seem to get to sleep on her stomach, so she is back to sleeping on her back again. But with that comes any little movement and she wakes back up.

So I took a page from a fellow Mocha Mama and I started to swaddle her at night. I swear by this stuff. If you have a newborn or little one who seems to have some sort of trouble sleeping, then swaddling works miracles. I know of 3 other mothers who are doing it and say that their little ones are sleeping better. With me, I wrap Taylor up in her fave blanket and put her on her back and she is out. She had trouble sleeping up until about 5am this morning and as soon as I swaddled her she was out in 5 minutes. And she stayed sleep until a little after 9am. Also, her poo is changing a bit. Coming out a different consistency, i don't know what that is about. But I'm keeping an eye out on it. But back to the swaddling, I'm looking at something in another window and it says that swaddling helps to prevent newborns from waking themselves with their own "Startle Reflex" which is one of the reasons I am swaddling. She has had a relatively good day today. She had her hair washed and had a "Bird Bath" and put on this outfit, that I think makes her look like a clown. But she looks oh so cute today.

Here is a picture of Taylor that was taken last weekend of her in a Onesie that I think is absolutely adorable and describes what she is perfectly:

She is being held by her grandma (not my mom, but her other one). She looks absolutely adorable in it and I find it so hard to believe that she is almost 1 month old. Where did the time go? Pretty soon, we'll be shopping for her Sweet 16 dress (Okay...I'm jumping way ahead of myself there...but I can't wait for that). But she is growing so fast, I can't wait for her 1st steps and her 1st words and all of that other stuff.

Well, I'm off to look at vacation ideas again. If I knew who all was going, then I could plan appropriately. I want some sort of beach vacation, but then I want something fun as well. I don't know, but we will see what pans out.