Thursday, November 6, 2008

1st Doctor's Visit

Taylor had her very 1st doctors visit today. It was an adventure, as when we got there, some system was down, so they could not verify everyone that was on an HMO (thank god we only have 24 more days of being on an HMO). We sat there and sat there and it wasn't until some other woman started to fuss that anything got done. I was called up to the desk and asked to sign some papers, so I did and we got sent right to the triage room, where Taylor got her head measured, temp taken and then we went to a room and she got weighed. This was what we were most concerned about, rather or not she gained weight at a good rate. Miss Taylor is now 6 pounds, 8 ounces. Up from her birth weight of 5 pounds and 3 ounces.

We sat in the room for about 5 minutes before Dr I S came into the room and looked over Taylor's chart and she saw the huge jump in her weight and was like "OMG, this baby loves to eat!!". She sure does. The combo of nursing/formula is working like a pro. She has gained 1 pound and 5 ounces (I hope I did the math right) in her 2 weeks of being on this earth.

Dr I.S had to leave out the room for something, but told me to get Taylor undressed and have her on the table. Taylor, being a baby...took this opportunity to do a #2. I waited until she was finished and changed her, then Dr I.S came into the room and examined Taylor. Taylor chose this time to be fully alert and it just amazed the Dr. She played with Taylor and examined her, Taylor was good for a minute, until the Dr wanted to look down her throat. This Doc is known for damn near choking kids with that tongue thingy. She checked Taylor's belly button and everything else. We have to take her back in 4 weeks for her next shot.

Taylor is knocked out as usual. Will post more later and will post a pic as well. I need to go and eat my Strawberry Sundae from Crap-Donalds!!!