Monday, November 10, 2008

Kodak Moment!!!


I missed a wonderful Kodak moment. It reminded me that I needed to get some new batteries for the camera ASAP!!! Yesterday, I decided to let the boys hold Taylor for the 1st time. Actually, the night before (Saturday Night), J was in the bedroom with me and Taylor and he wanted to get a good look at her, so he climbed up on the bed and sat next to me. I asked him if he wanted to hold her and at first he said no, then I said something to him and he changed his mind. So I let him hold her and she looked up at him and probably was thinking "This is the little dude that offered me a cookie if I came out of mommy's belly!" :-) Then she started to fuss a bit, so I picked her up and she attacked J and he just found it so funny.

So sometime on Sunday, I called all the boys into the bedroom and had them sit one by one on the bed. First, D held her and she cried. Then J had to get another turn, she cried with J. But then, we called S in and told him that he had to hold her. He sat down and held her like she was a little football and she laid in his arms and looked up at him and did not cry at all!!! She knew that he is the one that has all the good food and snacks. She knew where to go to get the food!!! :-) I should have taken a photo, but as always, my camera is going through a thing.

One thing I will say about Taylor is, the girl has major attitude and she's only 18 days old. If she doesn't like something, she will let you know in a heartbeat. But she loves being pampered. Brush her hair, give her a bath...and she is good to go. Change her diaper...she just may spray you...which she did do at 4 this morning!!! Don't feed her the way she wants to fed or when she wants to be fed and you have a problem!!! People said that I needed to calm down and be cool and relaxed while pregnant or she was going to come out just like me, and guess what? She is exactly like me. Impatient as heck...but loves to be pampered!!! Wants to be the center of attention.

Will post more later. Make sure you check out my personal blog and see what I finally did/plan to do with my domain name I purchased. I forgot to post the domain name and all of that. But will be doing another post on that blog later on today. I just put what I'll be focusing on (outside of the house). Kind of wanted to have my own little thing to speak out about. If you've been reading my blog here before I put it all for Taylor, then you should have an idea of what I want to help out with. Okay..none of that made any sense to me...but I'm a scatterbrain right now, will try to come back later and clear it up.

Talk To You Later!!