Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big Girl Bath Tub!!

I gave Taylor her first bath in her tub that her daddy brought for her the other day. I thought she was going to have a fit, but she didn't. I guess she really does like to take baths. She had some problems at first, but I had to adjust her and keep an eye on her and she just sat there and let me give her a bath. I took a picture, but I have to post it later, as I'm too tired to do it now!!! LOL!!!

She let me wash her hair again. The only time she cried was when I took her out. She even let me lotion her up and feed her from one of her new bottles afterwards. Now she is just sitting and relaxing in her bouncy chair.

Hopefully tomorrow, we will be able to go outside. It's supposed to be around 50, with rain in the late afternoon. Good, as we will be out in the morning, handling some business.

Have to go and get the little lady out of her chair and fix some lunch really quick. Talk to you later!!!