Friday, October 17, 2008

Late Evening...Or Shall I Say Early Morning Post!!

I forgot to come back and do another post. This one will be short as heck. THis cold is really kicking my behind. It came at such an awful time. I've been drinking Tea all day long and now I'm up, going to the bathroom..hyper of all the sugar. But of course...Little Miss Taylor is sound asleep.

Hopefully I can get a few hours of sleep. Don't have anything to do tommorrow. But SUnday, may be going to pick up some Dr Browns bottles and that's it. I just love the Dr Brown's line. It's so hard to put those bottles together...but they are so cute!!

Got some more socks today and some more Binkies. I'm not even sure if she will be a Binkie baby, but it doesn't hurt to have those thigns around. The bed should be here in the next few days. Getting down to the wire. SHe'll be here in about 72 hours...give or take a few hours!! :-)