Friday, October 3, 2008

So far so good!!

This is my latest belly pic. Sorry for the mess in the back, still trying to clean and pack!!!

Have had a relatively easy day today. Didn't really do too much except for clean up and make a sad attempt at packing. I couldn't wait until 2pm, so we could go over to the new place and check it out. It's all done. I had a hard time opening the doors though, 3 keys (obviously the small one was for the mailbox). But I finally got in and liked the work that had been done. The living room is smaller than I thought, but the dining room is huge. I just love my new kitchen, I'm going to be cooking and cooking. The boys are going to get the larger bedroom and we'll stick to the smaller one.

Even the bathroom is to die for. Here is a picture of the kitchen

That is my son looking towards the sink, he has already claimed the entire place as "His House".