Monday, October 13, 2008

Not A Good Day!!! Very Upset and In A Bad Mood!!

Since Thursday, we have been sitting up here thinking that we were going to be induced today and that probably tonight or sometime very early in the morning, we would be parents to a very beautiful baby girl. But, DR S has pulled one over on us yet again.

Arrived at Docs office about 10:15am (no matter what time we leave out, we still get there early). But another lady who was there was so nice and let me sign in first once they opened the doors. Got all signed in, they got my chart (Thank God they didn't lose it again) and told me I could sit back down since I was just there last Thursday. Around 10 minutes before 11am, they called me into the room to take my stats. My weight is 193 now (down 2 pounds from what it was)..thought it was 195...but not...there are too many dang numbers to keep up with. They took my blood pressure again and what was it??? 148 over 100 something...I forget that lower number. The girl said it was high and I asked if it was higher than the last time and it was. So despite the drastic change in my eating habits, my bp is not getting any better. I don't know what the issue is, as I'm not stressed, I dont' eat foods that are bad for me...I just don't know what is causing my bp to rise at this point in the pregnancy.

So after all that is done, we go into the exam room and I call my mom and tell her what my BP was. She was asking me some questions and i was answering them and just talking. I played this game on my cell phone for awhile before getting sleepy. Then DR S wife (our pedi) came in looked at my chart and asked how I was doing and saw that since I was 38 weeks, she would let her hubby see me (no crap!!). Then she said she would call him to see where he was and then came back a minute or two later and said that he was in the office and would be right in. He came in and greeted me by my first name. So then he asks me to lay down and then drops the bomb and says that he wants me to come back on Monday (the 20th) to have the little "Manual Procedure" that he does with his fingers, much like an internal exam only worse and that's after checking my cervix to see how far I am dialated (if anything). Then we'll be sent straight to the hospital. So no baby to report, nothing will happen until Monday, October 20th. I'm not happy about it at all.

He still says that Taylor's growth has slowed down and he couldn't explain why. I'm guessing he wants Taylor to grow some more. I don't know. But I'm not in that great of a mood so I'm going to call it an early night. Will post again shortly.