Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wow what a day since the last post!! So Many Things!!


I had to remove that pic of Taylor's outfit. I just looked at the blog and saw that it was not showing all the way. I don't know why, but I'll fix it and post it here later on today.


For those in the Chicago area. You may have heard about 1 story in the news recently.

The story involves a beautiful woman by the name of Linda Morgan. I met this woman many years ago. My uncle married a woman who I choose for personal reasons not to name, but anywho, this woman has about 5 brothers. I believe it was the oldest one who was/is married to a woman named Linda Morgan. So that's how I came to know her. Me and Linda were pregnant at around the same time. Had the same doctor and delivered at the same hospital within days of each other (me 1st). I haven't seen Linda in many, many years. But my kids told me about a year or so ago, that Linda told us to tell you "Hi". But apparently Linda has been missing since Friday and didn't show up to work on Monday. On Monday afternoon, they found a body of a woman in the same age category as Linda in a garbage can, wrapped in a blanket completely naked. Her hands were tied. Everyone that I know is hoping that it isn't Linda, but the body was found about a block away from Linda's home.

Please put the children (4 of them) of Linda Morgan in your thoughts and prayers. They just lost their grandmother earlier this year and certainly do not need to go through something like this so close to that. So please put these kids in your prayers.

I don't have much to post about right now. I'm just hoping that it isn't her. I'm trying to find a news story online about it, but not having much luck. The Medical Examiner has the body right now and is doing an autopsy on it to see if it is Linda or not. If i can find something onlinea bout it, I will post the link here. But please pray that it isn't Linda.

ETA:Okay, I got some news I was hoping not to hear earlier today. About an hour ago, one of my kids let me know that the body found yesterday was that of Linda Morgan. So I still want you to say a prayer that her kids make it through this. Here is a link to the only news station that has it on their website right now: