Friday, October 3, 2008

Terbutaline or no??

I am not sure, but I think I am still feeling the affects from this stuff. Prior to this past Saturdays episode, I had never had shortness of breath or chest heaviness. Now, I have it all the time. Last night was a bad night. When I finally got settled down after some neighbor issues, I would get in the bed and try to turn to one position and just be so out of breath and have to sit still and try to catch my breath as easy as I could. I had several episodes of this all through out the night, to the point where I was wheezing.

I had never personally experienced Terbutaline, so I did not know what to expect. I have seen numerous baby shows where this stuff was mentioned, so I knew what it was for and was glad to take it if it meant stopping the contractions. Sometimes I feel myself wheezing throughout the day and having chest tightness to the point where I want to go back to the hospital. I do not know how much longer these side affects are supposed to last, but I will be so glad when it is over.

Also, the medication they have me on is seriously affecting my taste buds. That is one of the side affects of that medication. I am a big fan of soda, but have slowed down on drinking it since becoming pregnant. Before getting this other medication, I could drink a soda and enjoy the taste of it. I mean, I could really taste it, regardless of what kind it was...Sprite, Pepsi, Red name it. But now, I have tasted 3 different sodas and they all taste the same, like crap!! Nothing really tastes the same anymore, I am wondering how long this side affect is going to last. I hope not long, because after I have Taylor, I plan on doing some heavy eating that I could not do before due to acid reflux. Speaking of Acid Reflux, she showed her ugly head again last night. I guess I should not have had that second helping of Spaghetti, but I was still a bit hungry and I only got a cup of Spaghetti. But I guess the issues of last night churned it up or something, as I could not sleep because of that as well.

Thankfully I hit the 37 week tommorrow and visit the doctor on Tuesday. I am hoping this is it, but knowing the doctor, he'll want to try to squeeze one more week out of me. That's all I'm gonna give him....then Taylor has to be evicted!! :-) If on Tuesday, he doesn't send me to the hospital at some point during the week, then come Saturday, I have an entire list of things I'm going to do. That includes DTD, walking, pineapples, you name it!! But I'm sure he'll come through somehow.