Sunday, October 26, 2008

Guess Who Is Here???

Yes, Miss Taylor Nicole is finally here. After a very eventful labor (I"ll spare you the details as I know there are some males that read this and if I wrote what happened, then they would never want to become fathers!! LOL!!). But Taylor Nicole was born at 3:25 am on Thursday, October 23rd. She weighed in at 5 pounds and 3 ounces and was 18 inches long. Now, if you knew my weight before I became pregnant (160-165) and my final weight being 195 pounds, I gained around 30-35 pounds...all of that and produced a 5 lb, 3 ounce baby!!

Actually, there is an explanation for that. If you remember my hospital episode from September 27th, that was where things started to go wrong and should have been ended (should have been induced back then that is). From that very point, Taylor stopped growing in-utero. Which explains why she was born and had all the classic looks, signs, etc of a 37 week baby. She basically stopped growing at 37 weeks and was born basically a 37 weeker. Even though my due date was 10/25. I actually think the doctor got things wrong, but we will never really know. Taylor is healthy as can be. She eats like a horse (I wonder who she gets that from) and is starting to sleep a bit better. I just cannot get myself on her sleeping schedule. I know it should be the other way around, but I need to get used to her schedule. Everyone is in love with her. Her dad is just absolutely crazy about her. It is amazing to see this big, tough guy speak "Baby Talk" when talking to his baby.

We are supposed to have some visitors today, so we will see who all comes. Yesterday, it was just family. The day before her Auntie and Daddy came to see her in the hospital. One of her cousins saw her yesterday. Today, I dont know who is coming to see her. My aunt is suposed to be coming by, but I hear 2 of my 2nd cousins are in town, and my other cousin is hanging with them. So they may all come over. We shall see.

Just wanted to share the good news with you. That's a picture of her up above. That's her daddies arm in the pic with her. I have some more, but you know how some folks are with pics, so you'll have to either be a friend of mine on Myspace or know me personally (I'll send them to you via email) in order to see them.

Take care!!