Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Things are going well. Just have to get on a schedule that is comfortable to all. Taylor is doing well. She is growing (I guess) and is now eating around 4 ounces or more a feeding. She feeds like every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. And she is so alert when she is awake. She just looks up and looks around and will look you in your eyes. This is the time when parents need to talk with their babies, when their babies are looking them in their eyes. That is such a wonderful bonding experience for me. To have her in my arms and talk to her and have her looking right back at me. A funny thing I've noticed is when I'm sitting on the bed with my back up against the wall, she will look over her head into the closet and see the sashes I have. And she just stares at them. I know which one she is staring at. She is staring at the one with all the bling on them!! I have them hanging up right in my closet and she is able to see them. I'm not going to say if that was done on purpose!!! LOL!!!

Taylor got a visit from her Auntie and her cousins. The boys were all over here. They love their little cousin to death already. Auntie told me she is going to be so spoiled because she is the only girl on that side of the family and that it is nothing but boys. Taylor is going to be spoiled regardless. That's the new little princess of both sides of the family. So being spoiled was automatically going to happen. He and I stated that before she was born, that she was going to be spoiled.

I have to go and call Memphis now and check on Taylor's Great Grandparents. Her great grandpa had to have surgery yesterday and I forgot to call them back after I talked to them the day before he went into surgery.

I also have to go and clean up this house. It's not looking the way I want it too!!! LOL!!